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Let the sunshine in with our favorite outdoor living ideas, including ways to decorate your patio and easy grilling tips and guides to host the best backyard parties.

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    7 Ways to Keep Your Plants Alive When You’re Away

    Going on vacation and worried about your home garden? Here are 7 simple tips to make sure your plants stay...

    10 Vegetables You Should Start Indoors

    There may still be snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for your vegetable garden....

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    LG Just Debuted a Fridge That Will Grow Your Leafy Greens

    Transform they way you cook and garden with LG's new herb-growing fridge.

    9 DIY Planters Made From Kitchen Castoffs

    Whether you enjoy flowers, herbs or other easy-to-grow plants, here are 9 DIY planters made from kitchen castoffs.

    How to Throw a Snow Cone Party This Summer

    The possibilities are endless—and sometimes boozy—with this perfect icy snack. Here are our best snow cone party ideas.

    10 Stylish Picnic Baskets That’ll Make You Want to Eat Outside Every Day

    From classic and foldable to downright adorable, here are the best picnic baskets for your next outdoor adventure.

    How to Host a Backyard Bash That’ll Be the Talk of the Neighborhood

    Need backyard party ideas for your casual shindig? We'll show you how to host your friends and neighbors with stress-free...

    The 10 Best Bottled and Jarred Barbecue Sauce Brands

    Looking for the best barbecue sauce for your next cookout? Take a look at our list to find the most...

    Here’s How to Get Super Tender Meat Every Time You Grill

    Brining is a great strategy for keeping lean meats moist. But does that mean you should brine everything before it...

    8 Secrets to Making Hot and Crispy Grilled Pizza

    Want to learn how to grill pizza? Follow these tips and you'll never order take-out again!

    9 Grilling Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

    Are you guilty of these common mistakes?

    How to Prune Hydrangeas, According to an Expert Gardener

    Ready to learn how to prune hydrangeas? Here's the best way to care for these stunning shrubs.

    Should You Mulch in the Winter?

    See if winter mulching is right for your garden.

    Here’s What to Do with Your Pumpkins After Halloween

    Your kids will love to help chuck the leftover pumpkins!

    How to Care for Chrysanthemums: 6 Things You Need to Know About Mums

    It's autumn and that means it's time to show off a garden full of mums! Here's how to care for...