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15 Holiday Door and Porch Decorating Ideas

The most wonderful time of year is (almost) here. Prepare to welcome guests to your home with these dazzling holiday...

If You See an Elephant Statue at a Front Door, This Is What It Means

That elephant statue has a deep symbolic meaning.

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How to Decorate for Fall

Deciding how to decorate for fall is no small task! We're here to give you all the inspiration and tips...

5 Bath & Body Works Hacks That Are Truly Scent-Sational

Love Bath & Body Works? Learn these hacks before you stock up on Japanese Cherry Blossom!

A Halloween Christmas Tree Is the Spooky Decoration You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s have some skele-fun! Here's how to decorate your Halloween Christmas tree for spooky season.

45 Easy Fall Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Cozy

These easy fall decor ideas are perfect for an afternoon of crafting, and they'll look great in your home from...

13 Cute Yet Useful Indoor Plant Pots Hand-Picked By Our Stylist

Get ready to dress up your indoor jungle! We found the cutest indoor plant pots you can buy.

29 Fall Wreath Ideas You Haven’t Already Seen

Dress up your door with one of these crafty fall wreath ideas! This list includes everything from cute to creepy—and...

8 of Our Favorite Fall Decor Colors

Say goodbye to summer's cool hues and fully embrace fall by using these fall decor colors in your space.

I Tried a $10 Electric Candle Lighter and I’m Never Using Matches Again

This $10 rechargeable lighter doesn't require a flame to light your candles. No more burned fingers and matches that don't...

The Best Fall Candles to Light This Season

Set yourself up for snuggles with the best fall candles money can buy.

12 Succulent Pots Our Stylists Love

Show off that aloe and agave! These succulent pots and planters chosen by our very own stylists dress up your...

20 Places to Buy Houseplants Online

Does plant shopping seem daunting? Or maybe you're looking for a special succulent to complete your indoor jungle? Don't fret...

Is Your Candle Wick Mushrooming? Here’s How to Fix It

This quick fix will keep your candles burning longer.

The Best Kitchen and Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Even if your living space is a little cramped, there are plenty of beautiful dining tables for small spaces. Sit...

How to Revive the Wilting Hydrangeas in Your Bouquet

When your blooms begin to droop, don't fret! Learn how to revive hydrangeas with tricks from a florist.

13 Items You Need for a Beachy Christmas

Throwing a Christmas in July party? Or maybe you're celebrating December 25th poolside? Either way, make sure you snag these...

I Paid $90 for a Kitchen Mat. Here’s Why.

I was hesitant to drop almost $100 on a kitchen mat, but I love it so much that I already...

How to Grow a Hanging Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer

This hanging herb garden is a simple and adorable way to get your hands in the dirt this summer!

The ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ Is a Houseplant That’ll Make You Happy

The 'Frizzle Sizzle' is easy to grow and has the cutest curls! Add one to your houseplant family.

We Just Found Out About Corkscrew Plants, and We Need Them ASAP

They're so beautiful, it's almost as if they've been taken straight out of an elaborate garden!

22 Kitchen and Bath Trends on the Way Out

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and bathrooms, so keep them up to date. To do that,...

10 Small Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

Your kitchen can be tiny yet still mighty with these small kitchen ideas from some of our favorite designers on...

Tips for Caring for Your Christmas Cactus

Learn how to care for a Christmas cactus to ensure it blooms in time for the holidays.

Why Does My Plant Have Brown Tips on the Leaves?

Noticing brown tips on the leaves of your indoor plants? Solve the problem with proper watering tips from a gardening...

9 Easy-to-Grow Houseplants All Plant Parents Need

Calling all gardeners! We found the best low-maintenance houseplants that will beautify your home or workspace.