Grocery Shopping

Become a grocery shopping genius with our money-saving tricks and couponing tips, plus, discover behind-the-scenes perks you can take advantage of at stores near you.

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The Best Rotisserie Chicken from the Grocery Store

Rotisserie chicken is a quick, easy and healthy mealtime staple for countless families across the country. We set out to...

10 Kirkland Items You Should Always Buy at Costco

These high-quality, low-priced picks give you the absolute most bang for your buck.

10 Things You Should Skip at The Grocery Store

Ever wonder what food isn't worth buying at the grocery store? Here's what to skip on your next trip!

17 Things to Always Buy at the Supermarket—Besides Food

If you’re only buying things you can chew, you’re missing out on the real values of your local grocery store....

How to Pick the Best Green Beans

Here's what to look for when choosing the perfect green beans for a fresh summer potluck.

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How to Pick the Best Sweet Corn

Picking the freshest corn at a grocery store or farmer's stand might be even easier than you'd think.

Couponing Secrets You Can Unlock with Your Phone

You won't believe the incredible money-saving hauls this 18-year-old makes with her smartphone!

10 Things Health Experts Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

You don't need to spend big to eat healthy. Here are some healthy ingredients dietitians remember to buy at Trader...

7 Perks Only Wegmans Shoppers Know About

To help you shop smarter, we've uncovered the lesser-known perks of getting your groceries at Wegmans.

The Secret Meaning Behind the Numbers on Your Egg Carton

An egg carton's expiration date is not as reliable as it seems. Here's how to tell if eggs are fresh.

6 Ways Shopping at Meijer Can Save You Serious Cash

Find out how shopping at Meijer—one of the Midwest's favorite super stores—can really help you save big.

What’s the Best Type of Vanilla Extract?

Not all vanillas are created equal, but they are for the most part all equally delicious when used correctly. Here's...

11 Ways to Shop at Sam’s Club Without a Membership

A Sam’s Club membership costs as much as $100 a year if you opt for the Sam’s Plus card. Luckily,...

14 Things Nutritionists Always Do at the Grocery Store (That You Might Not)

Looking to revamp your grocery store game plan? Take these tips for a healthy food list from registered dietitians on...

Food Labels: How to Decode the 11 Trickiest Terms

Supermarket packaging often contains common English words that are oddly confusing, like natural or healthy. Here’s what you need to...

10 Secrets for Shopping Healthier at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a dietary minefield. Be sure to head in with these great pointers.

12 Foods You Should Never Buy Generic

Store brands can save you money—but some aren't always the bargain they seem.

13 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat Past the Expiration Date

Think the sniff test can protect you from foodborne illness? Not when these items are involved.

The Real Reason Costco’s Hot Dogs Cost $1.50

The best part is, this low price isn't going anywhere!

9 Mistakes You’re Making When Shopping for Produce

Learn how to avoid these common grocery shopping mistakes.

The Secrets Behind Costco’s Famous $4.99 Rotisserie Chickens

Ever wonder what these tasty chickens mean for your health?

The Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tip That Changed My Life

Faced with the challenge of cooking like a foodie on a budget, I learned how to plan my meals so...

10 Things You Should Be Buying at Restaurant Supply Stores

You might think these shops are for restauranteurs only, but restaurant supply stores offer home cooks some durable, affordable and...

The Secret to Get Out of Debt Might Be in Your Grocery Cart

Work your way toward financial freedom through food. Create (and stick with) a grocery budget to help get out of...

Here’s What You Need to Know About This Year’s Grocery Store Pumpkin Prices

This is where to shop for the best pumpkin prices in 2021!

Here’s What You Need to Know About Aldi Savers Tags for Your Next Shopping Trip

This guide will help you find regular, seasonal and hot items the next time you're at Aldi.