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We’ve rounded up the best parenting tips—including kids activities, cooking advice and family vacation ideas—from moms and dads who’ve been there. Parent of the year award goes to: You.

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11 Best Thanksgiving Traditions from Ree Drummond

I rounded up some of the Pioneer Woman's best ideas for Thanksgiving. You can "borrow" a tradition to help make the holiday special for your family!

13 Handwritten Recipe Gifts You Can Buy on Etsy

Your family's best-loved recipes can be displayed on more than a faded index card. Here are our favorite handwritten recipe...

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Will Be LIVE from New York This Year

It's back to normal for the Macy's parade—well, almost.

“Journey to Bethlehem” Is a Heartwarming Take on Elf on the Shelf

This is the perfect holiday tradition for those of us who get a little creeped out by an elf on...

This TikTok Hack Shows You How to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes—and It’s Super Easy

If you're wondering how to teach kids to tie shoes, look no further than TikTok for a simple tutorial.

Netflix Is Releasing 14 Brand-New Christmas Movies This Holiday Season—Here’s the...

The new Christmas movies on Netflix will start dropping in November. Time to make a mug of hot chocolate!

Netflix Is Releasing 14 Brand-New Christmas Movies This Holiday Season—Here’s the...

The new Christmas movies on Netflix will start dropping in November. Time to make a mug of hot chocolate!

How to Make Spectacular Spooky Baskets for Halloween 2022

Fill each spooky basket with candy, homemade snacks and toys for the perfect Halloween treat!

Michaels Grab Bags Are Only $5—and They’re Full of the Cutest Home Items

No one knows exactly what's in the Michaels grab bags—but that's the fun of it. Here's what might be in...

Disney+ Halloween Movies FINALLY Have a Release Date

If it were up to me, spooky Disney movies would be up all year long! Here's the lineup to look...

If You See a Blue Halloween Bucket During Trick or Treat, This Is What It Means

Just a bit of knowledge and kindness can go a long way for some kids on Halloween. Here's what to...

How to Remove Crayon from Just About Anything

Did your kids decide to turn the walls or furniture into a sketchbook? Don't worry—there are some tried-and-true methods for...

Disney Is Closing Most of Its Stores Across the US and Canada

You might want to keep an eye on your nearest Disney store.

How to Grocery Shop with Your Baby or Toddler in Tow

It's possible to shop with an infant and buy everything on your list. Here's how to grocery shop with a baby.

Here’s How One Busy Mom Conveniently Gets Her Kids Ready for Any Activity

Let’s face it: Time is a scarce resource when you’re a...

Stojo Jr. Containers Are Here to Save the Day for Back to School

The new Stojo Jr. containers are reusable, collapsible, stackable and leakproof little wonders you'll want to add to your lunch...

Disneyland Shared a Homemade Dole Whip Recipe and We Can’t Wait to Try It

Re-create the Disney magic in your kitchen with this Disneyland Dole Whip recipe.

30 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids and Parents

These cute and simple fall crafts for kids and parents include ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and all through the harvest...

The Best Place to Go Apple Picking in Every State

Consider this your (apple) bucket list. From family-fun farms to orchards growing the juiciest heirloom apples, these are the best...

11 Old-School Lunch Boxes That’ll Take You Back

Feeling nostalgic? These old-school lunch box classics will hit all the right notes.

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9 Easy Home Science Experiments for Kids

At-home science experiments for kids are easy when you can use items you already have on hand. Get ready for...

How to Celebrate the 4th of July in Your Backyard

If your community's celebration was cancelled, learn how to celebrate the 4th of July at home.

How to Make Cookie Monster Ice Cream Your Kids Will Love

It's time to grab a spoon. You won't be able to get enough of this easy recipe for homemade ice...

Why Are Lollipop Sticks Hollow? This Is the Answer

It has to do with keeping the candy stable—and another very helpful safety feature.

25 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Show Dad how special he is with these personalized Father's Day gifts. They're one of a kind!