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Make tidying up feel less like a chore with our best home and kitchen cleaning and organizing advice. We’ve rounded up tips and hacks to help your space feel fresh and new.

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How to Clean a Toaster

Is your toaster looking a little crumby? Find out how to clean a toaster both inside and out.

How to Organize a Freezer in 5 Steps

Sick of digging through popsicles and bags of frozen peas to find tonight's dinner? Learn how to organize a freezer...

Kitchen Organizer Deals to Keep Your Counters Tidy (and Your Cabinets Cleaner)

Stock up on these kitchen organizer sale finds—handpicked by our Sales Editor—for deep discounts on pantry containers and storage racks.

The 6 Best Utensil Organizers of 2023

We researched the top utensil organizers that make it easy to keep a tidy kitchen.

This Lid Organizer Is the Smartest Way to Declutter Your Cabinet

No more searching for a matching container and lid to box up your leftovers, thanks to this lid organizer.

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How to Organize Your Fridge on a Budget

Learning how to organize your fridge isn't just satisfying—it makes cooking way more enjoyable. We break down how to transform...

How to Clean a Refrigerator in 6 Easy Steps

Follow these step-by-step instructions to deep clean your refrigerator from top to bottom.

How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Here's how to clean a sink, eliminate germs and prevent stains from hard water and food.

The 6 Best Refrigerator Odor Eliminators of 2023

Discover the best refrigerator odor eliminators to remove those funky smells in your fridge.

13 TikTok Fridge Organization Products That Are Worth the Hype

Can't stop watching TikTok fridge organization videos? Here's all you need for a fridge that deserves to go viral.

5 Best Drink Organizers for Your Fridge

We found the best drink organizers for your fridge so you can grab water, soda, juice and wine with ease!

This Is the Germiest Thing in Your Kitchen Right Now

You'll be shocked to learn that it's not your garbage can or your sink that has the most germs in...

How to Organize Your Pantry with Mason Jars

Creating an aesthetically pleasing kitchen with mason jars is easier than you think.

Maximize the Vertical Space in Your Fridge with This Genius Drawer Organizer

Your fridge has a lot of unused space, even if your shelves are stuffed. Luckily, this genius fridge drawer organizer...

We Tried the Viral Damp Duster—And It Does So Much More Than Remove Dust

It's the Scrub Daddy product we didn't know we needed!

This $9 Cleaner Is the Secret to Making Your Dishwasher Sparkle

Affresh dishwasher cleaner gets rid of all the gunk you don't even know is there.

How to Remove Labels from Glass Jars

Seriously, is there anything vinegar can't clean?

Everything Has a Place—Shop Refrigerator Organizing Deals

No fridge is perfect, but these refrigerator organizer deals make it easier to find what you need and get rid...

The Three Best Ways to Clean Grout

Find the best way to clean grout with these step-by-step instructions for three different methods. Each one will make your...

I Tried the Viral TikTok Stove Gap Covers and My Kitchen Is a Lot Cleaner Now

Turns out a stove gap cover is one of those things you never knew you needed—until you saw it on...

25 Amazon Organization Products for a Completely Sparkling Home

From fridge bins to a remote control caddy to shower shelves, we found the best Amazon organization options for every...

I Tried the Viral Dawn Powerwash and Doing Dishes Will Never Be the Same

TikTok swears by Dawn Powerwash, but does it really work? We put this miracle cleaner to the test.

The 7 Best Steam Mops of 2023

The best steam mop will not only clean your floors but sanitize them as well. Choose one of our favorites...

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I Cleaned My Entire Kitchen with The Pink Stuff—Here’s What Happened

Does The Pink Stuff stand up to its internet fame? We tested it on the stove, oven, sink and appliances....

22 Amazon Cleaning Products That Will Transform Your Home

Check out these amazing Amazon cleaning products that make household chores (almost) fun. We love their ease of use and...

16 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Fresh Home

Try a cleaner way to clean! These eco-friendly cleaning products help your house sparkle while reducing waste and chemicals.

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Stationary Vacuum Review: I’m Never Using a Dustpan Again

If you break out the dustpan and brush several times a day, this cool gadget is perfect for your home!...

This Metal Menorah Cleaning Hack Is a Hanukkah Life-Saver

Keep those candles burning bright for all eight nights.

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning with Cleaning and Organizing Deals

Spring is the ideal time to dust and declutter. Shop cleaning and organizing deals for up to 50% off storage,...