Mardi Gras Recipes

On Fat Tuesday, serve up the best party food around. We’ve got Mardi Gras recipes galore: appetizers, main dishes and sides that make the holiday fun for the whole family.

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    70 Classic Mardi Gras Recipes

    Whether it's king cake, beignets or muffuletta, these classic Mardi Gras recipes are so good, you'll be making them long after Fat Tuesday is over.

    What Is King Cake? Here’s How to Make This Mardi Gras Treat

    Why is there a baby in King Cake? And how do you make it? We answer all of that and...

    Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe

    This frosted king cake recipe is the highlight of our annual Mardi Gras get-together.

    What Is a Paczki?

    Filled with jelly and coated in sugar, paczki are a treat worth seeking out on Fat Tuesday.

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    60 Fat Tuesday Recipes to Splurge On

    Fat Tuesday, as its name implies, is meant for feasting on rich, luscious foods. Here are dozens of our Fat...

    Muffuletta Recipe

    Muffuletta, which originated in New Orleans, is named after the round, crusty Sicilian loaf of bread it's traditionally served on.

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    55 New Orleans-Inspired Recipes for Mardi Gras

    New Orleans is known for wild parties, beautiful architecture and some of the most flavorful food in the country. From...

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    25 Healthy Mardi Gras Recipes

    Eat healthy Big Easy-style with these light Mardi Gras recipes.

    24 Showstopping Desserts for Your Mardi Gras Party

    Take your Mardi Gras party to New Orleans with these authentic dessert recipes. We have ideas for beignets, king cake...

    30 Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

    Versatility is the name of the game with these super-refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktails. Great as party drinks or for a special...

    10 Fun Centerpiece Ideas for Your Mardi Gras Party

    If you're celebrating Fat Tuesday with a New Orleans-style Mardi Gras party, check out these festive centerpiece ideas you can...

    Virgin Hurricanes

    Revelers of all ages can enjoy a nonalcoholic version of the punchlike refresher that’s often called Mardi Gras in a...

    King Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

    3 reviews

    Round out your Mardi Gras celebration with a King Cake—a colorful ring-shaped pastry drizzled with green, gold and purple icing....

    Louisiana Jambalaya

    9 reviews

    My husband helped add a little spice to my life. He grew up on Cajun cooking , while I ate...

    Mardi Gras King Cake

    9 reviews

    This frosted king cake is the highlight of our annual Mardi Gras party. If you want to hide a token...

    Shrimp Gumbo

    36 reviews

    A crisp green salad and crusty French bread complete this shrimp gumbo meal. I always have hot sauce available when...

    Authentic Cajun Gumbo

    9 reviews

    I learned to cook in Louisiana and I love to cook Cajun food. This cajun gumbo recipe is one of...

    Grandma’s Strawberry Shortcake

    3 reviews

    Here's a family-sized version of my grandma's summertime dessert. I can still taste the sweet juicy berries she piled over...

    Hearty Muffuletta

    4 reviews

    Famous in Louisiana, muffulettas are cold cuts, cheese and olive salad layered into an Italian bread shell. I was happy...

    Traditional New Orleans King Cake

    17 reviews

    Get in on the fun of traditional king cake by hiding a little toy baby in the cake. Whoever finds...

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    New Orleans Beignets

    19 reviews

    These sweet, square and holeless French doughnuts are known as beignets. New Orleans’ traditional breakfast always includes a few of...

    20 Cajun Recipes to Make with the Holy Trinity

    Commonly used in Louisiana-style recipes, the "Cajun Trinity" is a medley of chopped onion, celery and green pepper. Try out...