Easter Recipes

Spring into Easter with our complete guide to the holiday. We’ve rounded up the best party planning tips, family activities (hello, dyed eggs!) and Easter recipes that’ll have you covered from brunch to dinner to dessert.

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    Strawberry Panzanella Salad

    Always a crowd-pleaser, this strawberry panzanella salad never disappoints. This version is sweet and offers the opportunity to use seasonal fruits in a creative way. For a fun twist, use margarita glasses when serving and rim the glasses with sugar and a strawberry garnish. —Careema Bell, Trenton, New Jersey

    Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Jars

    3 reviews

    Need to bring a dish to pass this weekend? These make-ahead dessert jars will disappear quickly at any potluck. —Aldene...

    Air-Fryer French Toast Cups with Raspberries

    These air-fryer French toast cups make any morning special. I made this recipe for my mom last Mother's Day, and...

    Strawberry Shortcake Pie

    ??This fresh fruity pie doesn’t last long at our house. The crust is a nice variation from traditional pie crust.

    Strawberry Tarragon Chicken Salad

    2 reviews

    After thinking about creating this salad for some time, one spring I used my homegrown strawberries and fresh tarragon to...

    Strawberry Balsamic Filled Cupcakes

    Here's a twist on Grandma's strawberry shortcake. This combination of classic and sophisticated flavors is a perfect pairing for the...

    Raspberry Supreme Cheesecake

    When I take this fruity, flavorful cheesecake to work, the pan is licked clean in no time at all! I...

    Strawberry Almondine

    1 review

    Strawberries are plentiful in this area in early summer. I developed this recipe to use up some berries that had...

    Speedy Blueberry Refrigerator Jam

    4 reviews

    This recipe is one of my favorites because it is simple...and always turns out delicious!

    Cranberry Strawberry Sauce

    1 review

    This recipe was given to me by my aunt quite a few years ago. It's especially good with turkey, chicken...

    Creamy Blueberry Pie

    1 review

    A co-worker and her husband own a blueberry farm— so we have a ready supply of fresh berries in the...

    Overnight Berry Coffee Cake

    4 reviews

    After enjoying a berry coffee cake at a bed-and-breakfast we visited on our honeymoon, I went home and tried to...

    Cool Strawberry Cream

    4 reviews

    This fruity, luscious dessert makes a wonderful ending to a special dinner. When fresh strawberries are not available, substitute two...

    White Chocolate Strawberry Torte

    "This decadent dessert has proved popular at family gatherings," says Denise McNab of Warington, Pennsylvania.

    Contest-Winning Strawberry Salsa

    2 reviews

    Guests often try to guess the secret ingredient in this. None think of strawberries...but many ask for the recipe.

    Raspberry French Toast Cups

    3 reviews

    These individual treats are a delightful twist on French toast that make any morning special. “I made this recipe for...

    Cranberry-Orange Relish

    1 review

    I always include this delicious cranberry-orange relish as part of our special Christmas Eve dinner.

    Lemon Cranberry Sauce

    1 review

    Tangy and refreshing, this quick-fix stovetop sauce will please both guests and the cook! —Robyn Badtke, Green Lake, Wisconsin

    Strawberry Cream Puffs

    5 reviews

    Lots of people think cream puffs are difficult to make—but I've never had these fail me!
    By now, I...

    Berry Pinwheel Cake

    4 reviews

    Perfect for special meals, this lovely chiffon cake is a nice change from strawberry pie or shortcake. Don't be afraid...

    Lemon Chess Pie with Berry Sauce

    4 reviews

    This is one of those old-fashioned Southern desserts that makes everyone feel good. The easy-as-pie berry sauce gives it color...

    Strawberry Cream Tarts

    1 review

    Dainty tarts filled with custard and fruit are fantastic for brunch. The recipe comes from our Test Kitchen. For a...

    Blackberry Nectarine Pie

    Blackberries are a big crop in my area, so I've prepared this pretty double-fruit pie many times. I can always...

    Raspberry Truffle Pie

    A special dessert like this is perfect for the holidays. The raspberry sauce pairs well with the chocolate pie.—Suzy Horvath,...

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    Chocolate Cran-Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

    1 review

    Cranberries, raspberries and baking cocoa take ordinary cheesecake bars to a new level. The recipe makes a big batch so...

    Strawberry Mascarpone Crepes

    11 reviews

    These lovely strawberry crepes were my mom's Sunday morning specialty. She grew all her own herbs, including plenty of basil...

    Strawberry Pineapple Pie

    2 reviews

    Treat your loved ones to a spring fruit pie. This luscious dessert has a pretty pink filling and a fluffy...

    Fresh Raspberry Lime Pie

    This pie mixes up fast, and the raspberries give it a unique flavor! It's also appealing to the eye.

    Cream-Filled Strawberries

    20 reviews

    "These plump berries filled with a creamy pudding mixture are so elegant-looking and luscious-tasting that they're perfect for parties or...

    Creamy Raspberry Dessert

    19 reviews

    Do-ahead and delicious, this dessert is a favorite because of its pretty color, creamy texture and terrific flavor. A light,...