Easter Recipes

Spring into Easter with our complete guide to the holiday. We’ve rounded up the best party planning tips, family activities (hello, dyed eggs!) and Easter recipes that’ll have you covered from brunch to dinner to dessert

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    Banana Pudding Cake

    I love to make cakes, and my family loves banana pudding. One day while brainstorming in the kitchen, I came up with this banana pudding cake recipe to combine the two. My family and friends can't get enough of it! If you are pressed for time, you may substitute whipped topping for the homemade sweetened whipped cream. —Tiffany Barbee, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

    Blackberry Buttercream

    1 review

    Juicy blackberry buttercream frosting has a stunning color and sophisticated flavor. This frosting works especially well on rich, decadent chocolate...

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts

    A classic jelly doughnut gets a fun twist with peanut butter glaze. No one will be able to resist these...

    Tiramisu Cookies

    3 reviews

    These tiramisu cookies bring out the delicious flavors of tiramisu, sandwich-style. Pack these treats in a decorative container for an...

    Easy Scottish Shortbread

    1 review

    These traditional butter cookies require only three ingredients. They’re so yummy, you won’t be able to stop at just one!...

    Strawberry Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting

    2 reviews

    Fresh strawberries are full of water, so they have a tendency to weigh down cake batters and make soggy cakes....

    Almond Butter Swirl Ice Cream

    Warm weather days require ice cream! However, dealing with dairy intolerances can be tricky. This dairy-free recipe is a favorite...

    Unicorn Manes

    2 reviews

    Everyone loves a classic shortbread cookie. Make each cookie magical with a quick dip into melted baking chips and rainbow-colored...

    Marbled Orange Fudge

    23 reviews

    This decadent treat doesn't last long at our house. The Creamsicle flavor of this soft fudge brings on the smiles....

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    Ice Cream Kolachkes

    21 reviews

    These sweet pastries have Polish and Czech roots and can also be spelled "kolaches." They are usually filled with poppy...

    Raspberry Lemon Cake

    26 reviews

    Want a change from chocolate cake? Try this elegant lemon cake...it's packed with refreshing lemon flavor, from the cake to...

    Berry, Lemon and Doughnut Hole Trifle

    1 review

    After my son called and said he was bringing home his college roommates, I was able to whip up this...

    Confectioners’ Sugar Glaze

    This versatile glaze is shared by our Test Kitchen. You can make the basic powdered sugar glaze and tint it...

    Peanut Butter Cup Trifle

    2 reviews

    Using just five ingredients makes this recipe so simple. You can add a little extra decoration with chocolate jimmies, too....

    Nut Fruit Bark

    Here's a sophisticated version of fruit bark. Dark chocolate turns into a rich mocha flavor with the espresso powder. If...

    Polka-Dot Macaroons

    10 reviews

    Macaroons studded with M&M's are easy to mix up in a hurry. That's good, because believe me, they never last...

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    Banana Bread Pudding

    25 reviews

    When I visited my grandmother in summer, I always looked forward to the comforting banana bread pudding she'd make. With...

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    Homemade Holiday Marshmallows

    27 reviews

    This recipe was my grandpa’s favorite. Every year, he would busy himself by making Christmas marshmallows for his family

    Pudding-Filled Devil’s Food Cake

    10 reviews

    My grandmother gave me the recipe for her famous homemade chocolate cake. I remember she often had it when we...

    Apple Kolaches

    12 reviews

    A fellow home cook shared this recipe for a sweet, fruit-filled pastry. My son, who isn’t a dessert fan, was...

    Lemon Oatmeal Cookies

    5 reviews

    My grandmother always made these cookies for us for Christmas, and now I have inherited that task. I make them...

    Mom’s Lemon Sugar Cookies

    4 reviews

    These tender, soft sugar cookies have just a hint of lemon. If you like more lemon flavor, go ahead and...

    Mom’s Old-Fashioned Cutouts

    4 reviews

    Old family memories rush in as soon as I make these traditional cutout cookies. — Lois Smit, Monee, Illinois

    Cupcake Easter Baskets

    10 reviews

    These cute cupcakes with their mild orange flavor are fun to dress up for Easter. As we raised four sons...

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    Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding

    7 reviews

    One of the nice things about this easy pudding is you don't have to stand and stir it. It's a...

    Berry Trifle

    34 reviews

    This Berry Trifle is a delicious salute to summer! I usually serve it during the summer when fresh berries are...

    Caramel Pretzel Bites

    40 reviews

    I created this recipe wanting to make my own version of a popular candy store pretzel log dipped in caramel,...

    Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

    33 reviews

    Holiday breakfasts would not be the same at our house without this delicious coffee cake. Whenever I take it anywhere,...

    Best Ever Fresh Strawberry Pie

    9 reviews

    Next time you get a pint or two of perfectly ripe strawberries, make my favorite pie. It combines fresh berries...

    Thumbprint Butter Cookies

    7 reviews

    These buttery little rounds add beautiful color to a platter of treats. Fill the thumbprint in the center with any...