Camping Recipes

Gear up for your trip with these easy camping recipes and tips. Whether you’re cooking with a Dutch oven, camp stove or right over an open fire, we’ve got you covered.

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    Baked Cannellini Beans

    1 review

    My sister developed this baked cannellini beans recipe after a Christmas holiday. We were still all together but nobody wanted to go to the grocery store, so we made do with what we could find in the kitchen—it turned out delicious! This baked beans recipe would be great with a combination of beans, too (like half black beans and half white). —Debra Keil, Owasso, Oklahoma

    Sourdough Bread Bowl Sandwich

    I created this recipe for when my husband and I go to the lake. I don’t like to spend a...

    Chicken Parmesan Burgers

    9 reviews

    A restaurant-quality burger that's topped with marinara and loaded with cheese—what's not to love? Fresh basil adds even more flavor....

    The Best Hot Dog Toppings You Haven’t Tried Yet

    Move over ketchup and mustard: gourmet hot dog toppings are all the rage.

    Cocoa Cake Brownies

    6 reviews

    These fudgy brownies are delicious. People say that the moist treats have a texture somewhere between chewy and cakelike brownies....

    Chippy Blond Brownies

    18 reviews

    If you love chocolate and butterscotch, you won't be able to resist these blonde brownies. I often include this recipe...

    Grilled Turkey Burgers

    3 reviews

    Orange marmalade gives a citrus twist to moist burger. Ground turkey offers a nice change from the usual hamburger patty.—Patty...

    Herb Burgers

    2 reviews

    These tasty burger have lots of flavor! My dear Uncle Mickey shared the recipe with me years ago. —Brenda Sorrow,...

    Hot Quick Banana Boats

    8 reviews

    These delicious, warm bananas are great on camp-outs or in the backyard. You can eat them right out of the...

    Beef ‘n’ Pork Burgers

    6 reviews

    The combination of meats is the secret behind these beef and pork burgers. They're ideal for summer grilling, and everyone...

    Italian Turkey Burgers

    8 reviews

    Seasoned with oregano and Parmesan cheese, these plump burgers are a delicious change-of-pace entree. I like to serve them on...

    Grilled Apple Crisp

    1 review

    The first time I tasted this old-fashioned apple crisp, i couldn't believe it was made on the grill. Topped with...

    Pineapple-Stuffed Burgers

    7 reviews

    "I really enjoy making these special burgers with a surprise inside," writes Ann Couch of Halifax, North Carolina. The homemade...

    Courtside Caramel Corn

    32 reviews

    My guests say they can't stop eating my caramel corn! For our basketball party I fix enough to fill a...

    Buttery-Onion Corn on the Cob

    3 reviews

    My mother has been making this oven-roasted corn on the cob recipe for years. Every time I make it for...

    Provolone Burgers

    6 reviews

    Grilled hamburgers that are seasoned with garlic, onion and herbs and topped with melted cheese are a summertime staple for...

    Banana Butter Pecan Kabobs

    Desserts with bananas remind me of Grandma. She and my mom taught me to cook. I rarely measure. For this...

    Sausage Vegetable Packets

    14 reviews

    We have so much squash in the summer, but we never tire of this recipe. We often leave the sausage...

    Deluxe Cheeseburgers

    2 reviews

    Kathleen Vashro perks up ground beef with tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, chopped onion and Parmesan and cheddar cheeses. "We love...

    Teriyaki Turkey Burgers

    6 reviews

    Basted with a mouthwatering teriyaki sauce, the pineapple-topped burgers are moist, tender and ready in minutes.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Tortilla Burgers

    1 review

    With pork instead of ground beef and tortillas in place of buns, these Southwestern-style burgers stand out from all others.—Katie...

    Stuffed Bacon Burgers

    1 review

    Everyone comes running when they hear the sizzle-and smell the wonderful aroma-of these burgers on the grill. Nothing else captures...

    Kathy’s Herbed Corn

    11 reviews

    My husband and I agreed that the original recipe for this corn needed a little jazzing up, so I added...

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    Teriyaki Shish Kabobs

    22 reviews

    When I was a teenager, my father worked for an airline, and my family lived on the island of Guam...

    Potato Pockets

    4 reviews

    Our young sons like to help me assemble potatoes, carrots and onions into foil packages that we can grill alongside...

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    Hamburger Cookies

    2 reviews

    Just like Darlene Brenden's Caramel Apple Bites (see recipe finder), Pat Carter shares a sweet treat children can help create....

    Sauerkraut Hot Dog Topping

    8 reviews

    You'll relish this zesty condiment Erlene Cornelius sends! "For years, I stirred this up 'by guess and by golly' before...

    Spicy Pork Tenderloin

    4 reviews

    A friend shared this recipe for marvelously flavorful pork years ago. It really sparks up a barbecue and has been...

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    Mushroom Cheeseburgers

    1 review

    Instead of topping juicy cheeseburgers with sauteed mushrooms, include some savory 'shrooms in the meat mixture for a new twist!...

    Campfire Potatoes

    35 reviews

    We like grilling because it's a no-fuss way to make a meal. This pleasing potato recipe is one we use...

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    Bananas Foster on the Grill

    Bananas Foster is my husband's favorite dessert, and this is one of the easiest recipes I've ever found. Not only...