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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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Strawberry Shortcake Salad

Spring into Spring with this delightful recipe that transforms the oldie, but goodie dessert (Strawberry Shortcake) into a bright, refreshingly new twist on traditional salad. While the springtime Strawberries and the Shortcake-Herbed Croutons give a pop of sweetness, the spicy arugula and toasted pine nuts give this salad an earthy-balance. With the creamy Gorgonzola, crispy pancetta, and the Strawberry Yogurt Dressing, this is a crowd pleaser at your next potluck and the perfect celebration of spring in a salad bowl! —Adrienne Vradenburg, Bakersfield, California

Grilled Summer Sausage Salad

I love grilling vegetables, especially those straight from the garden. The summer sausage is a fun twist, and the veggies...

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Burger Sliders with Secret Sauce

7 reviews

These sliders are super easy to put together and are always a hit! I love that they are "fast food"...

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups

Lettuce wraps make light, lively appetizers. These are easy to make because the slow cooker does most of the work....

Pressure Cooker Shredded Beef Lettuce Cups

1 review

I love this light yet lively dinner for busy days that are filled with swim lessons and outdoor activities. If...

California Burger Wraps

5 reviews

I love the way these fresh flavors blend. It's a snap to throw these wraps together for a quick, healthy...

Bacon-Tomato Salad

5 reviews

We love this wonderful bacon salad that tastes like a piled-high BLT without the time or effort. You can make...

Asian Lettuce Wraps

1 review

This recipe is as tasty as the lettuce wraps found in national restaurants, but it's healthier! — Linda Rowley, Richardson,...

Frozen Waldorf Salad

4 reviews

While I was growing up on a farm in western Kansas, we always had lots of hungry men around during...

BLT Bow Tie Pasta Salad

25 reviews

This is one of our favorite cold pasta salad recipes. I first tried it at a family reunion, and...

Blueberry Romaine Salad

28 reviews

I love to bring this delicious salad to school gatherings. The homemade dressing couldn't be simpler, so I whip it...

12-Hour Salad

19 reviews

This recipe was Mom's scrumptious scheme to get her kids to eat vegetables. She never had any trouble when she...

BLT Burgers

1 review

My husband loves a good BLT, but sometimes he wants something a little more substantial. That's where these BLT burgers...

Potluck Taco Salad

16 reviews

I found this recipe in an old school cookbook, and I've taken it to many potlucks since then. The layers...

Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

2 reviews

My family requests thy yummy fruit salad every Easter. The slightly sweet poppy seed dressing served on the side really...

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BLT Waffle Sliders

6 reviews

Craving a BLT for breakfast? Try a deliciously different version that features crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes between two golden...

Mustard Potato Salad

7 reviews

This dish is so fast to put together and it will disappear that fast also. It works well at any...

Strawberry Feta Tossed Salad

5 reviews

A neighbor served this light, wonderful salad at a summer barbecue. I’ve since tried it with many ingredient combinations, but...

Green Chili Flautas

This recipe has always been a great success at potlucks, especially when we lived in New Mexico. You can assemble...

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Crowd-Pleasing Taco Salad

37 reviews

While this recipe might sound involved, it can be fixed in just 30 minutes. It's a hit at the potluck...

Mixed Greens with Lemon Champagne Vinaigrette

3 reviews

Simple and delicious, this champagne vinaigrette recipe pairs perfectly with mixed greens or a salad of your choice. —Ray Uyeda,...

Holiday Lettuce Salad

18 reviews

Light with a hint of sweetness, this lettuce salad recipe will make everyone excited to eat their fruits and vegetables....

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Overnight Layered Lettuce Salad

37 reviews

This layered salad is a family favorite from a church cookbook I've had for 40 years. The bacon adds a...

Bacon Caesar Salad

1 review

Family and friends always say my Caesar salad rivals any restaurant version. The addition of bacon lends a slightly smoky...

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Spiced Cranberry-Chutney Gelatin Salad

I combined my mother-in-law’s famous cranberry chutney with my raspberry gelatin recipe to come up with this nicely spiced side....

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Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

90 reviews

My family is always happy to see this fruit and veggie salad on the table. If strawberries aren’t available, substitute...

Roasted Apple Salad with Spicy Maple-Cider Vinaigrette

4 reviews

We bought loads of apples and needed to use them. To help the flavors come alive, I roasted the apples...

Slow-Cooker Chicken Taco Salad

16 reviews

We use this super-duper chicken across several meals, including it in tacos, sandwiches, omelets and enchiladas. My little guys love...

Pear & Pomegranate Salad

1 review

Pomegranate seeds and Boursin cheese add zip to this cool salad of Bosc pears over lettuce. Look for the 5.2-ounce...

Chinese Chicken Salad

2 reviews

Here's a cool, easy entree perfect for steamy summer days! You can do most of the preparation for this dish...