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Din Tai Fung Chilled Cucumber Salad

5 reviews

My family and I are obsessed with Din Tai Fung, a famous Taiwanese restaurant in California, and its chilled cucumber salad. This is a copycat version I created at home. —Andrea Potischman, Menlo Park, California

Citrus and Cucumber Infused Water

1 review

If you’ve ever enjoyed cucumber and citrus in a drink before, you know how beautifully they go together. Skip the...

Refrigerator Garden Pickles

6 reviews

Canning isn't necessary for these crisp-tender, tangy pickles. Keep them in the fridge and eat them up within a month....

Onion Cucumber Salad with Vinegar Dressing

7 reviews

This crisp refreshing salad is flavored with green pepper and a sprinkling of celery seed, then drizzled with a slightly...

Garden Cucumber Tomato Salad

8 reviews

This recipe comes from my husband's great-grandmother. It's especially good with ripe tomatoes from the garden, but drained canned tomatoes...

Microwave Pickles

11 reviews

You can enjoy a small batch of these sweet crunchy pickles anytime without the work of traditional canning methods. They're...

Sweet-Sour Pasta Salad

9 reviews

Fresh garden vegetables add color and crunch to this attractive salad. Its pleasant vinaigrette-type dressing is sparked with ground mustard...

Refrigerator Pickles

11 reviews

"These pickles are some of the best I have ever eaten. They're so good and easy to make that you'll...

Pineapple Cucumber Salsa

3 reviews

It’s hard to beat the sweet, tangy taste of fresh salsa on a hot summer day. This makes a great...

Grilled Mango & Avocado Salad

A big hit with my family, this light salad is so easy to make! The healthy option of mango and...

Easy Cucumbers in Cream

3 reviews

This recipe is a five-ingredient salad that goes together quick as a wink. This recipe is a great way to...

Cucumber Tomato and Green Onion Salad

10 reviews

My mother always made this salad, so I tried it on my future husband when we were courting. I discovered...

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Spicy Gazpacho Salad

Cool, refreshing soup becomes delicious fork food with the addition of greens. Adding more or less hot sauce can vary...

Whole Wheat Orzo Salad

6 reviews

In less than 30 minutes, I can put together this hearty salad of pasta, white beans and veggies – and...

Vegetable Cheese Salad

1 review

Here's a satisfying salad that's garden-fresh. It stars three delicious cheeses and refreshing vegetables like crisp cucumber, bell peppers and...

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Quick Creamy Cucumber Salad

Fresh cukes and green onions from the garden make this dish so good in summer! Jean Patterson-West Allis, Wisconsin

Easy Homemade Pickles

5 reviews

My husband grows cucumbers, garlic and dill in the garden and eagerly waits for me to make these homemade pickles....

Cucumbers with Dressing

29 reviews

It wouldn't be summer if Mom didn't make lots of these creamy cucumbers. Just a few simple ingredients—mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar...

Khmer Pickled Vegetable Salad

5 reviews

I grew up as a missionary kid in Cambodia, and most of my favorite foods have a Southeast Asian background....

Corn ‘n’ Cucumbers Salad

3 reviews

This cucumber corn salad was one of my mother's recipes and I think of her whenever I make it. It's...

Layered Hummus Dip

5 reviews

My love for Greece inspired this fast, easy Mediterranean dip. It is fabulous for parties and a delicious way to...

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Sour Cream Cucumbers

115 reviews

We have a tradition at our house to serve this creamy cucumber salad with the other Hungarian specialties my mom...

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

4 reviews

My children wanted to plant a garden, and we ended up with buckets of cucumbers. When I tired of making...

Easy Gazpacho

13 reviews

My daughter got this gazpacho recipe from a college friend and shared it with me. Now I serve it often...

Fresh Cucumber Salad

28 reviews

Crisp, garden-fresh cukes are always in season when we hold our family reunion, and they really shine in this simple...

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Pennsylvania Dutch Cucumbers

22 reviews

My mom's side of the family was German and Irish. Settling in Pennsylvania, they adopted some of the cooking and...

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Minty Watermelon-Cucumber Salad

33 reviews

Capturing the fantastic flavors of summer, this refreshing, beautiful watermelon-cucumber salad will be the talk of any picnic or potluck....

Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream

4 reviews

I serve this refreshing and simple salad year-round because it perks up everyday meals. I think what makes it so...

Cucumber and Red Onion Salad

15 reviews

This cucumber and onion salad is one of the first recipes I came up with myself. It's a great salad...

Cucumber Canapes

3 reviews

I always get requests for the recipe for these canapes whenever I serve them. They're delicate finger sandwiches with a...

Cool Cucumber Salad

7 reviews

This Salad is a refreshing complement to any meal, and it's attractive on the table. Whenever I'm asked to bring...