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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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    Loaded Cowboy Queso

    3 reviews

    Loaded Cowboy Queso is the ultimate football dip! This easy appetizer loaded with cheese, beer, black beans, tomatoes and sausage is our family's favorite tailgating recipe. I often serve it with homemade tortilla chips sprinkled with taco seasoning. —Becky Hardin, St. Peters, Missouri

    Mexicali Quiche with Avocado Crust

    New Mexican cuisine is my favorite, and this quiche uses an avocado crust filled with many delicious ingredients. Top with...

    Roasted Tuscan Chicken Dinner

    6 reviews

    When an Italian friend shared many years ago that she often added Italian sausages to her pan of baked chicken,...

    Pizza Beans

    2 reviews

    Take this pizza-inspired dish to your next party. It makes an amazing side, or you can enjoy a larger serving...

    Holy Moly Potato Soup

    4 reviews

    This is a turned-up version of a cheesy potato soup. We eat this often, especially on cold winter evenings, but...

    Pressure-Cooker Andouille Lentil Chili

    1 review

    This recipe has been in my family for a number of years, and it's still a hit today. The smoky...

    The Best Sausage Pizzas

    7 reviews

    What makes this recipe unique is the slow overnight fermentation of the dough. The flour has time to hydrate and...

    Apple, Butternut and Sausage Dressing

    I'd heard about using squash in dressing, so I combined four things I love into one dish: apples, butternut squash,...

    Spicy Peruvian Potato Soup

    1 review

    This robust Peruvian soup (known there as locro de papa) has the comfort of potatoes and the warming spiciness of...

    Peppered Meat Loaf

    I came up with this easy dinner one day while experimenting in the kitchen. Everyone who tries it, loves it!...

    Coastal Carolina Muffin-Tin Frittatas

    1 review

    Incorporating the flavors of a low country South Carolina crab boil, these tasty frittatas are easy to make and fun...

    Potato and Chorizo Casserole

    10 reviews

    I love the smoky flavor chorizo gives this dish, but I’ve also made it with Italian sausage and substituted an...

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    Apple-Gouda Pigs in a Blanket

    6 reviews

    For New Year’s, I used to make pigs in a blanket with beef and cheddar. But now I like apple...

    Sausage Cheese Squares

    8 reviews

    My grandsons tried these savory morsels for the first time as youngsters and loved them. They're all grown up now,...

    French Canadian Tourtieres

    9 reviews

    This recipe comes from my big sister. Each fall, we get together and make about 20 of these pies to...

    Cranberry Meatballs and Sausage

    11 reviews

    Years ago, I found a version of this sausage and meatballs recipe in a cookbook. At first taste, my family...

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    Reunion Meatballs

    Whenever we attend a picnic or family get-together, people expect me to bring these saucy meatballs and copies of the...

    Pizzeria Burgers

    3 reviews

    As the mother of teenagers, I strive to find meals they like but that require little work on my part....

    Game-Stopper Chili

    1 review

    This hearty chili with sausage, beef, beans and barley is perfect for the halftime food rush. People actually cheer when...

    Slow-Cooked Chunky Chili

    21 reviews

    Pork sausage, ground beef and plenty of beans make this chili a marvelous meal. I keep serving-size containers of it...

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    Mini Sausage Pies

    6 reviews

    The simple ingredients and family-friendly flavor of these little sausage cups make them a go-to dinner favorite. And everyone gets...

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    Michigan Beans and Sausage Casserole

    I got this recipe from a church cookbook years ago. Bean casseroles are a big hit at potlucks and picnics.

    Sausage Wonton Stars

    24 reviews

    These fancy-looking appetizers are ideal when entertaining large groups. The cute crunchy cups are stuffed with a cheesy pork sausage...

    Make-Ahead Sausage Pinwheels

    5 reviews

    Filled with sausage, sweet pepper and cream cheese, these roll-ups are excellent for unexpected visitors, a cocktail party or a...

    Sausage Chive Pinwheels

    21 reviews

    These spirals are simple to make but look special on a buffet. Our guests eagerly help themselves—sometimes the eye-catching pinwheels...

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    Apple Sausage Ring

    2 reviews

    This very flavorful sausage ring is easy to prepare. It has a nice texture and holds its shape well...a nice...

    Party Sausages

    4 reviews

    Don't want any leftovers from your party? Serve these tempting sausages in this sweet and savory sauce. I've never had...

    Sausage-Pecan Turkey Stuffing

    Ever since I first tried this, I've never made another stuffing. The sausage and pecans really give it a different...

    Chili Queso Dip

    3 reviews

    I’ve had this recipe for more than 42 years and have updated it from time to time. This is an...

    Chorizo Bean Dip

    3 reviews

    With its zesty Mexican flavors and tempting toppings, this dish is the first to empty on the appetizer table. I...

    Meatballs with Cranberry Dipping Sauce

    2 reviews

    With their cranberry dipping sauce, these no-fuss appetizer meatballs make use of traditional Thanksgiving ingredients, so they're ideal around the...