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Baked Salmon with Herbed Pecan Romesco

Fancy enough for company and easy to do...that's my type of recipe. Even better, the Herbed Pecan Romesco may be made and stored in the refrigerator the day before serving.—Sheryl Little, Sherwood, Arkansas

Easy Smoked Salmon

4 reviews

A magazine featured this recipe years ago, and it's still my favorite salmon. Just add crackers for a super simple...

Smoked Salmon Canapes

1 review

My boyfriend's mother gave me the idea for this classy appetizer that I serve for Sunday brunch and on special...

Parsnip Latkes with Lox and Horseradish Creme

A horseradish-flavored creme fraiche brings zip to these crispy homemade latkes, which get a touch of sweetness from the parsnips....

Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze

59 reviews

I was not a salmon lover until I tried this recipe. Now it is one of my favorite dishes to...

Pacific Rim Salmon

6 reviews

I came across this recipe in a local fundraiser cookbook. We made some slight adjustments to it since then, but...

Salmon Pate

1 review

This is a recipe I often use when I am expecting company. It is a perfect appetizer.—Gudrun Braker, Burnet, Wisconsin

Smoked Salmon New Potatoes

Give twice-baked potatoes a rest this year and try these stuffed spuds. Smoked salmon and cream cheese blended with...

Salmon Canapes

This appealing appetizer, with its delicate smoked salmon taste and dash of holiday color, is simply irresistible!

Cucumber Rolls

4 reviews

The fresh flavors of cucumber and smoked salmon are delicious, but it's the presentation here that will stop guests in...

Elegant Smoked Salmon Strata

2 reviews

This fancy overnight egg bake is ideal for guests. In the morning, you can simply let it come to room...

Salmon with Pecan-Honey Sauce

3 reviews

If you’re looking for an easy dish to serve to company, try this elegant entree. Flaky salmon fillets are draped...

Salmon with Mornay Sauce

2 reviews

Priscilla Gilbert from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida writes, “This is a good hearty salmon dish, quick and simple to prepare....

Grilled Salmon with Creamy Tarragon Sauce

1 review

This recipe accents succulent salmon with a zippy sauce featuring tarragon, green onions, lime juice and hot pepper sauce. —Joyce...

Seared Salmon with Pomegranate-Thyme Butter

Salmon has such fantastic flavor on its own that you don't need much to make it taste better. My family...

Macadamia-Crusted Salmon

4 reviews

One evening when my husband and I went out to dinner, he ordered a salmon dish that sounded interesting. It...

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

2 reviews

Rachelle Rodwell of New York, New York sends these delightful salmon and arugula bites that are easy to double and...

Salmon Pinwheels

2 reviews

Inexpensive and impressive, this recipe is a must have anytime you want to wow your guests without spending all day...

Salmon & Cream Cheese Potatoes

Everyone enjoys these elegant-looking appetizers. You can assemble them several hours ahead and refrigerate until guests arrive.

Salmon Appetizers

4 reviews

As a cook for a commercial salmon fishing crew, I found this recipe to be a wonderful variation in the...

Salmon Mousse Cups

15 reviews

I make these tempting little tarts frequently for parties. They disappear at an astonishing speed, so I usually double or...

Salmon Mousse Tartlets

2 reviews

While these tartlets are delicious when baked, the no-bake version is easier to take and serve at a potluck. —Diana...

Salmon Mousse Canapes

1 review

It’s so easy to top crunchy cucumber slices with a smooth and creamy salmon filling. Guests rave about the fun...

Lightened-Up Salmon Spread

1 review

Growing up in a small coastal town on the Washington Plate Peninsula, my daily staples were fish and shellfish. I'm...

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Smoked Salmon Appetizer

I often spoon my salmon spread onto endive leaves for an easy and pretty presentation. It’s a healthful addition to...

Smoked Salmon Dip in Pumpernickel

1 review

I got this recipe from my brother, who is a fabulous cook, and it has become a staple at Christmastime....

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Crepes

A creamy filling featuring smoked salmon and fresh chives is tucked inside golden, tender crepes. A splash of brandy adds...

Salmon Mousse Endive Leaves

I recently made this simple but elegant appetizer to rave reviews. This thick mousse has a lovely presentation well suited...

Salmon Tartlet Appetizers

3 reviews

These make standout appetizers. The filling alone is also good in a loaf. mdash;Carolyn Kyzer, Alexander, Arkansas

Smoked Salmon Quesadillas with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

3 reviews

These extra-special quesadillas take just minutes to make, but you'll want to savor them for as long as possible. Sprinkle...