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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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    Buckeye Doughnut Holes

    Ohioans LOVE their buckeyes! They are in just about every candy shop and on every homemade sweets tray. I've taken that Ohio favorite and combined it with one of our family's favorites—doughnut holes! These balls of fried dough are filled with peanut butter cream and coated in chocolate to look just like buckeye candies. —Rebecca Woollands, No Ridgeville, Ohio

    Oysters Rockefeller Egg Rolls

    1 review

    Oysters Rockefeller is a classic, elegant and timeless appetizer from New Orleans. I love the flavor but wanted to try...

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    Fried Lemon-Pepper Wings

    1 review

    These lemon-pepper wings are perfect for game day. Try these out if you've been stuck in a chicken wing rut....

    Mini Chicken Chimis with Jalapeno Cream Cheese

    These zippy chicken chimi bites bring a little heat to any fiesta. Serve them on their own as appetizers, or...

    Chicken Samosas

    This chicken samosa recipe is best served with yogurt dipping sauce or chutney (like coriander and mint, tamarind or sweet...

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    Toasted Ravioli

    7 reviews

    While visiting a friend who had just moved to St. Louis, Missouri, I tried toasted ravioli at almost every restaurant!...

    Savory Mustard Chicken and Stuffing Waffles

    Adding mustard to the chicken coating adds a tang that's amazing with the savory waffles and sweet maple syrup. —John...

    Chicken Rangoon Egg Rolls

    1 review

    This is a recipe that I made into my own—a friend served a layered appetizer paired with crackers, and I...

    Beef Flautas

    This traditional Mexican flautas recipe is one of my favorite dishes to make for my family. The spices and onion...

    Beef Wellington Fried Wontons

    3 reviews

    These tasty appetizers scale down classic beef Wellington to an ideal party size. They feel fancy and fun! —Dianne Phillips,...

    Deep-Fried Rice Balls

    1 review

    My mother moved in with us about eight years ago and started making this side dish. Now that she is...

    Sweet Corn Beignets with Bacon-Sugar Dust

    2 reviews

    Opposites attract deliciously in these irresistible beignets—crispy outside and soft and fluffy inside. Salty bacon sugar contrasts nicely with the...

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    Chicken Wings with Spicy Apricot Sauce

    Everyone gobbles these up at Christmas potlucks! My mother gave me the recipe for this anytime appetizer with its flavorful...

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    Best-Ever Fried Chicken

    35 reviews

    Crispy, juicy and perfectly seasoned, this really is the best fried chicken recipe, ever. Summer reunions and neighborly gatherings will...

    Apple Fritter Rings

    5 reviews

    These old-fashioned fried apple rings are the perfect way to end a fun homemade meal. —Bernice Snowberger, Monticello, Indiana

    Mini Chimichangas

    10 reviews

    Wish your guests "Feliz Navidad" with this south-of-the-border specialty! Hearty enough to serve as a meal, these flavorful and filling...

    Carrot Cake Doughnuts

    2 reviews

    For an easy doughnut recipe which everyone will love, I make these doughnuts. I love carrot cake so I wanted...

    Picante Egg Rolls

    6 reviews

    Living near the Mexican border, we've developed a love of spicy cuisine. I came up with this recipe by mixing...

    Apple Cider Doughnut Holes

    3 reviews

    Their light, tender texture and apple cider flavor make these small bites a big hit! My mom made them every...

    Buffalo Chicken Wings

    2 reviews

    Hot wings got their start in Buffalo, New York, in a kitchen. Although there was no game on at the...

    Crisp Rosettes

    2 reviews

    Shaped like delicate snowflakes, these crisp rosettes make a lovely winter dessert. Field editor Rita Christianson of Glenburn, North Dakota...

    Chili-Lime Chicken Wings

    6 reviews

    Who would have guessed that mixing maple syrup, chili sauce and lime juice would make chicken wings taste so good?...

    Jolly Jelly Doughnuts

    3 reviews

    Just looking at these plump jelly-filled doughnuts will make your mouth water. There's nothing like them. —Lee Bremson, Kansas City,...

    Butternut Squash Doughnuts

    2 reviews

    My mother and I used to make several batches of these butternut squash doughnuts at a time. They're not only...

    Drop Doughnuts

    15 reviews

    For 30 years, I've been using leftover mashed potatoes to make these light and fluffy doughnuts. The recipe was originally...

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    1 review

    Sufganiyot are believed to have first come from Spain, adapted from a similar treat, the sopaipilla. Others say the sopaipilla...

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    Grandma’s Polish Cookies

    18 reviews

    This traditional khruchiki recipe has been handed down through my mother's side from my great-grandmother. As a child, it was...

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    New Orleans Beignets

    15 reviews

    These sweet, square and holeless French doughnuts are known as beignets. New Orleans’ traditional breakfast always includes a few of...

    Down-Home Hush Puppies

    2 reviews

    Hush puppies is a classic side served at many get-togethers in the south. The sweet and spicy flavor has delighted...

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    Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

    81 reviews

    You won't believe something this easy could taste so fantastic! Crunchy outside with gooey cheese inside, these mozzarella sticks are...

    Best Ever Fried Chicken Wings

    1 review

    For game days, I shake up these saucy wings. When I run out, friends hover by the snack table until...