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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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    One-Pot Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

    3 reviews

    This curry soup might be vegan, but it's still as creamy as ever. If you prefer a meatier bowl, toss some chicken and chicken broth into the recipe. —Kijan Zendi, San Diego, California

    Quick Coq au Vin

    7 reviews

    This quick coq au vin recipe is really fabulous served with rice. I love being able to fix this gourmet...

    Citrus Cantaloupe Butter

    This sweet, chunky cantaloupe butter gets its warm spice flavor from the cinnamon. Orange sections and lime juice give it...

    Vegan Squash Soup with Naan Croutons

    This butternut squash soup is so full of flavor that you won't miss the meat or dairy! The added can...

    Mulled Wine Margaritas

    These margarita wine cocktails are so fun, festive and unique. This favorite holiday beverage has complex flavors and warms the...

    Russian Potato Salad

    1 review

    This Russian potato salad recipe comes from my grandmother, who had written it down in Russian before she translated it...

    Mince Pies

    Most people use canned mincemeat, but this is the old-fashioned way to make a mince pie. It's a sweet holiday...

    Vegan Tortilla Soup

    5 reviews

    Quinoa may be an unconventional ingredient, but it adds protein in this vegan tortilla soup, making it hearty enough for...

    Easy Moroccan Chickpea Stew

    5 reviews

    When I'm invited to a potluck, I easily double or triple this healthy Moroccan chickpea stew to treat the crowd...

    Healthy Potato Salad

    5 reviews

    This healthy potato salad is crunchy-delicious with a brilliant zesty dressing. —Brittany Allyn, Mesa, Arizona

    Spicy Potatoes with Garlic Aioli

    3 reviews

    This is my take on Spanish patatas bravas. The potatoes are tossed in a flavorful spice mix and...

    Spicy Cajun Potato Salad

    10 reviews

    Here in Louisiana we have a lot of get-togethers, and if you want your dish to be chosen over all...


    14 reviews

    This simmered sauce is a roller-coaster ride for your tongue. It's a wonderful blend of complex flavors that goes with...

    Apple-Roasted Pork with Cherry Balsamic Glaze

    4 reviews

    I added roasted apples, cherries and onions to turn ordinary pork into an impressive dish. There is a short time...

    Marinated Chuck Roast

    20 reviews

    It's the simple marinade of orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce that makes this beef roast so...

    Stuffed Pumpkin Dinner

    5 reviews

    This recipe is a great way to use a pumpkin up after scooping out the seeds to bake. It is...

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    Ham and Lentil Soup

    15 reviews

    This lentil soup with ham is a combination of two soup recipes I came across and adapted. I often serve...

    Favorite Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    9 reviews

    My family begs me to make mashed sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love this recipe because it can...

    Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Garlic

    7 reviews

    When we have company, these sprouts are my go-to side dish because they look and taste fantastic. Fancy them up...

    Hungarian Short Ribs

    14 reviews

    This is a special meal in our house—as soon as I get ribs, I know which dish my family will...

    Triple Bean Bake with Bacon

    31 reviews

    Tried and true baked beans go from ordinary to extraordinary when you mix bean varieties and add the zing of...

    Steamed Kale

    9 reviews

    With this good-for-you steamed kale, it's easy to eat healthy and get out of the kitchen quick. A wonderful accompaniment...

    U.S. Senate Bean Soup

    18 reviews

    Chock-full of ham, beans and celery, this hearty soup makes a wonderful meal at any time of year. Freeze the...

    Honey Bagels

    9 reviews

    Who has time to make from-scratch bagels? You do, with this easy recipe! The chewy golden bagels offer a hint...

    Garlic Tilapia with Spicy Kale

    We make this main dish and side together, and adjust the heat from the red pepper flakes depending on who's...

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    Chili Bake

    1 review

    Instead of simmering on the stovetop, this chill bakes in the oven. When my family smells this baking, they run...

    Easy Homemade Pickles

    5 reviews

    My husband grows cucumbers, garlic and dill in the garden and eagerly waits for me to make these homemade pickles....

    New England Baked Beans

    35 reviews

    For a potluck or picnic, you can’t beat this classic side that starts with a pound of dried beans. Molasses...

    Pennsylvania-Style Pork Roast

    2 reviews

    Our children first had this tender and juicy pork roast with sauerkraut at a family celebration. They devoured it and...

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    Traditional Boiled Dinner

    16 reviews

    Corned beef is a real treat in our family and we love the savory flavor the vegetables pick up from...

    Ranch-Style Beans

    2 reviews

    This ranch-style beans recipe is served at all of our barbecues. It seems most people who live here like spicy,...