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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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Paprika Chicken Stroganoff

13 reviews

Stroganoff is such a comfort food. While traditionally a beef dish, it can easily be adapted for other proteins, and it is just as delicious. With this creamy chicken stroganoff, I get to enjoy all the lovely sauciness with the benefits of the lighter white meat. —Leo Lo, Norfolk, Virginia

Hamburger Goulash

13 reviews

Goulash over mashed potatoes was my birthday meal of choice when I was growing up. Now I make my mother's...

Hamburger Stroganoff

9 reviews

This easy hamburger stroganoff makes a quick weeknight dinner. I like to serve it with a side salad for a...

Mushroom ‘n’ Steak Stroganoff

8 reviews

I rely on this recipe when we have family visiting. I put it in the slow cooker in the morning...

Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches

9 reviews

For an American take on classic Russian comfort food, we turn beef Stroganoff into a sandwich. It comes together fast,...

Easy Meatball Stroganoff

22 reviews

This recipe has fed not only my own family, but many neighborhood kids! They come running when I make this...

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Round Steak Stroganoff

25 reviews

This recipe for beef stroganoff with round steak is one I spotted in a local hospital auxiliary cookbook. When I...

Pressure-Cooker Ground Beef Stroganoff

5 reviews

My mother gave me this recipe 40 years ago. It's a wonderfully tasty dish that's perfect for a pressure cooker....