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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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Almond Custard Cake

This white cake pairs well with all sorts of frostings and fillings, but the chocolate frosting in this recipe is one of my favorites. Pressed for time? Add 1/2 tsp. of almond extract to a white cake mix instead. —Diane Shipley, Mentor, Ohio

BB-8 Cake

1 review

This BB-8 cake is easy to assemble and decorate. A cake mix gives you a jump-start so you can spend...

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Reindeer Cake

1 review

Whether you turn this cake into a reindeer or decorate it with your own creative vision, it’s a three-layer stunner...

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Lemon Refrigerator Cake

The recipe comes from my church group and is a light, refreshing cake for warm-weather days.

Chicken Cake

FROM its fruit roll-up comb to its licorice legs, this sweet treat is more than just chicken feed! It's a...

Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

You only need a few baking staples to throw together these gooey delights. Boxed cake mix and a can of...

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Snowman Cake

1 review

You can create this snowman without any special equipment. Kids and adults with smile when they see this cute cake.—Betsey...

Home Canning Cake

CT's staff cooked up a fun-filled treat—resembling a canning recipe card!
Their creation deliciously began with a rich devil's...

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes

18 reviews

I'm a teenage farm girl who likes cooking and baking. These cupcakes are a favorite of mine.—Christine Sohm, Newton, Ontario

Cat Cake

1 review

This cat cake is perfect for a child's birthday, or to brighten up someone's day. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen,...

Miniature Castle Cakes

You can easily make several of these pretty palaces with a boxed cake mix, canned frosting and a few common...

Out-Of-This-World Cupcakes

These are a cinch to bake—and even more fun to decorate! Save the decorating fun for a party activity, and...

Monkey Cupcakes

20 reviews

Kids' eyes will light up when they see these cute jungle goodies. The cupcakes never fail to make my grandkids...

Pool Party Cake

2 reviews

This cleverly decorated cake with its "pool" of cool blue gelatin will steal the show at any gathering! We dipped...

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Hidden Treasure Cupcakes

Let kids discover the “hidden treasure” inside these cute-as-can-be cupcakes! They’re make-ahead convenient, ensure even-steven portions of cake for all...

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Circus Cake

Ideal for a child's party, this whimsical cake steals the show with its cotton candy topping and cookie-laced sides. —Taste...

Brown Bear Cake

1 review

Homemade chocolate frosting dresses up a boxed cake mix in this cute cake from our Test Kitchen home economists.

Barnyard Cupcakes

3 reviews

“My friend Kathy grew up on a farm, so I thought a ‘Farmer in the Dell‘ theme would be perfect...

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Ghostly Pirate Cake

This moist white cake is a snap to prepare because it starts with a mix. Have fun decorating it--we sure...

Best Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake

3 reviews

This attractive cake never seems to fail, and it’s very moist. It’s a great choice for that special birthday celebration....

Brownie Delight

13 reviews

Brownie mix and instant pudding hurry along the preparation of this scrumptious layered dessert. My family asks for this treat...

Fish-Shaped Cakes

When Margaret detailed how she garnishes her deliciously different cake with slices of citrus from the trees around her Southwestern...

School Bus Cake

Here comes the big yellow bus! Kayla could hardly wait to board a real one to go to kindergarten, so...

Chip Lover’s Cupcakes

11 reviews

Making chocolate chip cookies is a challenge with three teenagers who are always grabbing the dough to "sample." Their love...

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Rainbow Layer Cake

14 reviews

Fruity gelatin helps create the rainbow effect for this pretty cake. Lemon frosting is a nice and springy finishing touch....

Yellow Cupcakes

27 reviews

Nothing is better than homemade cupcakes. This yellow cupcake recipe makes delicious and fluffy treats. To top them, choose whatever...

Christmas Tree Cake

At the root of this pretty pine-shaped confection is a sweet secret you won't be able to keep to yourself....

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Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

My family just loves these cupcakes, especially the subtle taste of peanut butter in the frosting. Chocolate frosting is equally...

Curveball Cupcakes

4 reviews

After frosting the cupcakes white, I used a fork and red gel icing to "stitch the seams." Everyone went nuts...