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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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    Kentucky Coleslaw

    1 review

    We love going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Although we enjoy the chicken, we actually go for the coleslaw. We buy several pints at a time. I make several versions of cole slaw but we sometime just want this. I tried for several years before getting this recipe right. I think I have figured it out now.If you are in a hurry get a bag of the preshredded slaw mix. It is not quite as good as grating it yourself though. —Donna Gribbins, Shelbyville, Kentucky

    Air-Fryer Pumpkin Biscuits with Spiced Apple Butter

    A couple of years ago, one of my friend's parents made pumpkin biscuits for Thanksgiving. I was inspired by the...

    Cuts-Like-Butter BBQ Brisket

    4 reviews

    This brisket cuts like butter—no joke! With just a few ingredients and steps, the recipe is nearly impossible to mess...

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    27 Southern Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

    Enjoy the comforts of down-home cooking this holiday season! Find all the southern Christmas dinner menu ideas you need—from chess...

    Banana Pudding Cake

    3 reviews

    I love to make cakes, and my family loves banana pudding. One day while brainstorming in the kitchen, I came...

    Southern Peach Toasts

    These bruleed peach toasts are my creative homage to the beloved southern fresh peach cobbler. It is an upscale presentation...

    Southern-Style Meat Loaf

    1 review

    When my husband and I moved to the South, we discovered our love for pimiento cheese! Its addition lends flair...

    Turnip Greens Salad

    My Turnip Greens Salad was created using items from my garden. Because most people cook turnip greens, I wanted to...

    Sweet Potato Meringue Bake

    This sweet potato meringue casserole is a slightly sweeter variation of the original, minus the extra sugar. It's simple enough...

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    Cheesy Bacon and Grits Casserole

    I was craving grits for breakfast, so I created this masterpiece with fresh corn and leftover bacon. Serve with avocado...

    Smoked Brisket

    This smoked brisket recipe is always a crowd favorite—it really melts in your mouth! —Jodi Abel, La Jolla, California

    Slow-Cooker Grits

    3 reviews

    Since moving to the South, I have come to love grits! I also adore my slow cooker, and I worked...

    Pressure-Cooker Carolina-Style Vinegar BBQ Chicken

    1 review

    I live in Georgia but I appreciate the tangy, sweet and slightly spicy taste of Carolina vinegar chicken. —Ramona Parris,...

    Easy Peasy Biscuits

    1 review

    I love that I can make these biscuits and have enough left over to freeze for another meal. They're a...

    Bohemian Collards

    1 review

    I've added unconventional ingredients to these collards that make them unique and exquisite on the palate and on the plate....

    Pimiento Cheese Ball

    8 reviews

    This rich and creamy pimiento cheese ball looks so festive with flecks of green onion and red pimiento dotting with...


    6 reviews

    You can't get more southern than succotash. This recipe comes from my mother, who was a fantastic cook. —Rosa Boone,...

    Marinated Catfish Fillets

    Meet the Cook: Recently, we hosted a group of young people from Canada. Since we wanted to give them a...

    Indulgent Coconut Rice Pudding

    4 reviews

    This slow-cooked winter comfort dessert is a healthier option for your family that doesn't sacrifice flavor. If you can't find...

    Mini Sweet Potato Pies

    My son Levi was only 2 years old when he helped me create this delicious recipe, and it was the...

    Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

    5 reviews

    My grandmother came up with her own version of easy fried green tomatoes years ago. Our family loves it. It's...

    Southern Pralines

    9 reviews

    This recipe is truly Southern, and it's been a family favorite for years. I've packed many a Christmas tin with...

    Slow-Cooker Chicken Bog

    1 review

    Chicken bog is a South Carolina tradition with lots of variations (think herbs, spices and fresh veggies), but the standard...

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    Lisa’s All-Day Sugar & Salt Pork Roast

    6 reviews

    My family loves this tender and juicy roast, so we eat it a lot. The salty crust is so delicious...

    Southern Sweet Potato Pie

    36 reviews

    This Mississippi sweet potato pie is very popular in the South. It's a particular favorite at our house because we...

    Cornbread Sausage Stuffing

    1 review

    I made this cornbread sausage stuffing over 45 years ago as part of a special dinner I prepared to thank...

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    Jim’s Secret Family Recipe Ribs

    12 reviews

    For more than 30 years, my brother-in-law Jim kept his famous rib recipe a secret. When he finally shared it,...

    Southern Hoppin’ John

    12 reviews

    This is a quick and easy side dish that will become a favorite of your family.—Anne Creech, Kinston, North Carolina

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    Carolina-Style Pork Barbecue

    28 reviews

    I am originally from North Carolina (where swine is divine) and this recipe for the slow cooker is a family...