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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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What Is Burgoo and How Do You Make It?

A hearty regional stew, burgoo is chock full of various meats and lots of vegetables simmered long and slow for hours. Invite your friends: It’s meant to feed a crowd!

46 Southern Thanksgiving Recipes

This Thanksgiving, try a little down-home comfort. Give your classic Thanksgiving menu a twist with recipes like Southern sweet potato...

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25 Easy Leftover Mashed Potato Recipes

You'll want to make extra mashed potatoes just for these recipes! From potato pancakes and shepherd's pie to doughnuts and...

40 Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes to Feed a Crowd

If you’re hosting a large group for Thanksgiving dinner, these recipes that serve 12 or more will feed everyone on...

Grandma’s Best Secrets for Homemade Gravy

How did Grandma get such flawless, flavorful, lump-free homemade gravy? We show you how to recreate that golden goodness.

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50 Ham Recipes for Dinner the Whole Family will Love

Serve up savory ham recipes for dinner that feel like a big hug to everyone around the table.

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36 Tried-and-True 13×9 Recipes

These trustworthy 13x9 recipes will cook perfectly. From traditional classics to kid-friendly favorites, bank on these comforting casseroles to please...

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29 Types of Chocolate Chip Cookies You’re Not Baking (Yet!)

It's hard to resist a chocolate chip cookie. Whether you like them soft or crisp, here are the different types...

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50 Southern Comfort Foods for Winter

Fierce winter weather makes comfort food a necessity, and nobody does it better than Southern home cooks!

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80 Winter Comfort Food Recipes

These cozy winter comfort food recipes can warm up even the coldest nights.

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45 Traditional Winter Recipes from Around the World

You'll love these traditional winter recipes, no matter where in the world you call home.

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65 Sweet & Savory Christmas Brunch Ideas

Put together a perfect Christmas brunch menu with these hearty casseroles, pancakes, frittatas, cinnamon rolls and more.

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45 Spring Comfort Food Recipes

Enjoy spring comfort food recipes that are filled with springtime's bright, fresh flavors.

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40 Dainty Tea Party Foods

Afternoon tea will be a delight when you serve this tasty tea party food. From mini sandwiches to tiny scones,...

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80 Wintry Treats That Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

Keep the winter blues away with these dessert recipes that will warm you from the inside out. Think hot chocolate,...

How to Make Easy Apple Cobbler

Three words to describe this apple cobbler: easy, comforting and down-right delicious. The best part? It takes three simple steps...

85 Easy Summer Recipes to Make in a 13×9 Pan

From breakfast to dessert, and everything in-between, your trusty 13x9 will make summer cooking a breeze.

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50 Valentine’s Day Comfort Foods

These comforting Valentine's Day recipes are perfect for a cozy evening in.

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40 Midwestern Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Midwestern winters don't mess around! We've rounded up cozy recipes, from rib-sticking meats to toe-warming soups. Think traditional dishes, some...

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50 Recipes for the Feast of the Seven Fishes

The Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition, means lots and lots of seafood dishes. Celebrate with...

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62 Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Looking for the best Christmas Eve dinner ideas to complement your favorite Christmas cookie recipes? Here are our top...

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Casserole-a-Day Meal Plan for September

Looking for a quick, easy meal that won't take hours to clean up? This month's meal plan is loaded with...

61 Vegetarian Recipes Perfect For Fall

The weather is cooler and the leaves are falling, which means it's time to dig in to cozy fall recipes—vegetarian,...

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45 Ballpark Copycat Recipes

Take a crack at these grand-slam recipes inspired by your favorite ballpark snacks and treats. You've always got home-field advantage...

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40 Classic Dinners That Taste Better as Casseroles

Transform family favorites like pizza, stuffed peppers and chicken Cordon Bleu into no-fuss, one-pan meals. These casseroles dish up all...

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33 Bourbon-Spiked Recipes

Bust out a bottle of the good stuff and add a delicious spike to these pecan pies, barbecue ribs, chicken...

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55 Friday Night Fish Fry Recipes

Re-create a Friday night fish fry any day of the week. With recipes for fish, fries, coleslaw and so much...

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50 Dinner Recipes That Will Feed a Crowd

Feed the whole family (and a few more!) with these delicious dinner recipes that serve 12 or more!

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50 Old-Fashioned Soup, Stew & Chili Recipes

Nothing beats the comforting nature of a good bowl of soup, stew or chili. These old-fashioned soup recipes are classics...

45 Retro Potluck Recipes to Bring Back

Whether it be for a seasonal family get-together or a workplace celebration, there is always a need for tried-and-true potluck...

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80 Vintage Cookie Recipes Worth Trying Today

Passed down through generations, these vintage cookie recipes are a must-have in your cookie collection. You're going to want to...