Best Corn Bread Dressing

Makeover Best Corn Bread Dressing

Makeover Best Corn Bread Dressing

Nothing says “Thanksgiving” more than turkey and dressing. And Kim Kreider’s amazingly buttery Best Corn Bread Dressing has definitely become the classic accompaniment to turkey in her Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania home.

She writes, “I would love to see you do a makeover for this recipe. It’s our family’s favorite stuffing.”

With a quick look, our makeover team found the original was high in fat and calories. To lower those numbers, they went straight to the sources: milk, oil and butter. They also wanted to focus on the pecans. But, as Kim says, “The pecans give it a wonderful flavor,” so the team opted to make minimal changes.

They slimmed down the dressing’s from-scratch corn bread by choosing fat-free milk, cutting the oil in half and replacing some with unsweetened applesauce.

In the original, Kim simmered turkey giblets to create a broth, but this took several hours. Our team streamlined the process, using reduced-sodium chicken broth instead.

To further trim calories and fat, the butter was cut in half and replaced with reduced-fat butter. This caused the dressing to be much drier. Therefore, additional reduced-sodium chicken broth was added to achieve the right consistency.

The resulting Makeover Best Corn Bread Dressing is—thankfully–a success. Fat and saturated fat were reduced by over 60 percent, and calories were slashed by 38 percent. The full-flavored, rustic dish will be a perfect way to round out your delicious turkey dinner.