Chicken Cheese Enchiladas

Makeover Chicken Cheese Enchiladas

Makeover Chicken Cheese Enchiladas

It can be pure heaven to dive into gooey, cheesy enchiladas—especially if they taste anything like Diane Witmer’s recipe for Chicken Cheese Enchiladas. With sour cream, two kinds of cheese and cream of chicken soup, each serving is rich and hearty.

However, the high nutritional numbers caused concern for Diane. From Spencer, Wisconsin, she writes, “Our family likes this recipe a lot. Could you please look at it? I’d love to cut the calories.”

We took a look and saw that this dish tipped the scales in fat. And, with a cup of cheese and nearly 1,000 calories per serving, it’s obvious that Diane was on the right track in asking for our home economists’ help.

The first thing our makeover team tackled was the cheese. By choosing reduced-fat substitutes, they were able to maintain the savory goodness while keeping a whopping 2 cups of cheese in the recipe!

When baking, it’s important to remember that fat-free ingredients sometimes don’t perform well. They’ll break down or curdle, and they often don’t taste much like the full-fat versions. So when the team went after the sour cream and soup, they relied on the reduced-fat varieties to maintain the original dish’s rich characteristics. They also chose fat-free tortillas, which hold up well when baked, and a leaner choice of chicken, opting for breast meat instead of a light-and-dark-meat mix.

The results are impressive. Nearly half the calories have been cut, and an amazing 45 grams of fat removed per serving. But with all the cheesy flavor, it definitely doesn’t taste light. Now the Witmer family can enjoy Makeover Chicken Cheese Enchiladas for dinner with all the taste, but none of the guilt!

Keep in mind that some fat-free products don’t hold up well when they’re heated. Reduced-fat items generally do better when cooked.