Summer Potluck Menu

Summertime is full of get-togethers. Make yours a tasty one with these healthy recipes.

Texas Beef Barbecue Sandwich

Texas Beef Barbecue Sandwich

Raspberry Sweet Tea

You only need a handful of ingredients to stir together this refreshing, spring sipper. Its brilliant color and smile-fetching flavor will make a popular thirst quencher as the weather turns warm. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Watermelon and Tomato Salad

You cannot beat this light and refreshing salad on hot summer days! The combination of watermelon, cilantro, lime and tasty heirloom tomatoes is just unusual enough to keep folks commenting on the great flavor—and coming back for more! —Bev Jones, Brunswick, Missouri

Antipasto Picnic Salad

Everybody just loves this tempting blend of meats, veggies and pasta. It goes together in no time, serves a crowd and tastes as delicious at room temperature as it does cold. Also, it's chunky enough for the kids to pick out any individual ingredient they might not like! —Michele Larson, Baden, Pennsylvania

Makeover Summer Squash Casserole

With a buttery cracker topping and lots of cheese, this lightened up classic casserole makes a guilt-free side dish at any meal. I got the original recipe from a friend, and it is excellent. —Lisa Eldridge, Topeka, Kansas

Texas Beef Barbecue

A boneless beef roast simmers for hours in a slightly sweet sauce before it's shredded and tucked into rolls to make hearty sandwiches. This is a family favorite notes. —Jennifer Bauer, Lansing, Michigan

Apricot Coffee Cake

Having friends over for coffee? Serve them this scrumptious cake from our Test Kitchen. They'll never guess it's light! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Classic Yellow Cupcakes

Sugar substitute makes these golden cupcakes a wonderfully sweet treat, whether used for dessert or as a fast snack. Light and buttery, the divine bites make a perfect contribution to a spring baby shower or a casual ending to lunch with friends. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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