Burgers on the Grill

Whether turkey, beef, salmon or veggie, we have the healthy burger for you!

Grilled Bean Burgers Recipe

Grilled Bean Burgers Recipe

Greek Turkey Burgers
I pared down the recipe for these mouth-watering Greek Turkey Burgers after it was given to me by a dear friend. Cumin and cayenne pepper add to the turkey's wonderful taste.
—Marianne Shira, Osceola, Wisconsin

Grilled Bean Burgers
For a surefire meatless mainstay, I swear by these moist and delicious salsa-topped Grilled Bean Burgers. I first sampled them at an "Eating Right" session at our local library. And they can hold their own against any veggie burger you'd buy at the supermarket. They're wonderful!
—Marguerite Shaeffer, Sewell, New Jersey

Tasty Tip: Our recipes often give a range on certain herbs and spices to accommodate different tastes. If you like the heat of chili powder, use 2 teaspoons in your Grilled Bean Burgers; for a milder version, use 1 teaspoon.

Sweet and Sassy Turkey Burgers
These are scrumptious! I served these Sweet and Sassy Turkey Burgers at our last family reunion and they were a huge hit (Uncle Milton had two!). Cranberry sauce with turkey is a match made in heaven.
—Marla Clark, Moriarty, New Mexico

Grilled Beef Burgers
I rely on a few common ingredients to put a new twist on a backyard barbecue staple. To make handling the Grilled Beef Burgers even easier, let them firm up in the freezer a bit before grilling.
—Lynda Ferguson, Sarnia, Ontario

Teriyaki Salmon Burgers
My teenage son absolutely loves these Teriyaki Salmon Burgers. We also like to top the patties with melted cheese.
—Resia Ayers, Lexington, Kentucky

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