Marinara Turkey Meatballs

Marinara Turkey Meatballs Meal

Marinara Turkey Meatballs Meal

Warm up your family with savory Marinara Turkey Meatballs, Artichoke Bread and a sweet dessert.

Frozen spinach and a jar of spaghetti sauce speed up the prep time for these tender, nutritious Marinara Turkey Meatballs from our Test Kitchen. Freeze leftovers for another busy night.

"A creamy rich artichoke spread tops these warm crusty bites that folks just love," says Sherry Campbell of St. Amant, Louisiana. "You won't find a much quicker and more delicious appetizer or last-minute side than Artichoke Bread!"



  • Adding a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to the meatballs provides nearly 2 g of omega-3 fatty acid to the total recipe.
  • Boost the fiber and nutrients of this meal in one easy step by serving it with whole grain spaghetti.

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