How often should you eat yogurt?

Ask Peggy

Ask Peggy

Dear Peggy: I've heard that you should eat yogurt every day. Is that a good idea? —L.P., Kalamazoo, Michigan

Yogurt is a good food, but only if you like it. I don't believe in eating something that doesn't appeal to you just because it's good for you.

With that said, some refrigerated yogurts contain live, active cultures of "good" bacteria. Some studies suggest these healthy bacteria may boost the immune system and prevent gastrointestinal infections. They also break down lactose, making yogurt a sensible dairy choice for people who are lactose-intolerant.

Eating yogurt every day can also help you to get another dairy serving: 8 ounces counts as one serving. But make sure to read the label. Many yogurts are now available in 4- and 6-ounce containers. You'll need to take this into account as you track your daily dairy consumption.