From p. 18 of the Aug/Sep 2008 Issue of Healthy Cooking

Rainbow Melon Julep Recipe

Rainbow Melon Julep Recipe

On page 20, you'll find the recipe for tasty Citrus Chicken Fajitas. Serve them with Rainbow Melon Julep, which combines three types of melon with a sweet, juicy syrup.

What goes better with meat loaf than potatoes? Pair the delicious Turkey Meat Loaf on page 20 with Makeover Sour Cream Potatoes from our Test Kitchen. They're cheesy and hearty, and they make a fantastic accompaniment.

Looking for something special to go with the Zesty Pork Chops recipe on page 22? Look no further. Garlic Broccoli Pasta will do the trick while adding lots of healthy broccoli to your diet.

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