10 Healthy Breakfast Casseroles Under 300 Calories

Start-Right StrataStart-Right Strata

I substituted reduced-fat ingredients and reworked this recipe to fit my diet...and my tastes! Served with melon or grapes on the side, it's ideal for overnight guests. —Cecile Brown, Chillicothe, Texas

Breakfast CasseroleBreakfast Casserole

This hearty cheese and sausage casserole is perfect for a yummy breakfast or bunch. Since it's prepared ahead, it's convenient for serving on special occasions when you're hosting overnight guests. —Mary Stoddard, Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Ham 'n' Cheese SquaresHam 'n' Cheese Squares

So easy to prepare, this appetizing egg dish is loaded with ham, Swiss cheese and caraway flavor. It cuts nicely into squares, making it an ideal addition to a brunch buffet. —Sue Ross, Casa Grande, Arizona

Broccoli-Turkey Brunch CasseroleBroccoli-Turkey Brunch Casserole

I have a lot of company at Thanksgiving, and I enjoy making new things for them. I came up with this recipe as a great way to use up the leftover turkey. Don't have any turkey leftovers? That's ok, cooked chicken works well, too. —Kellie Mulleavy, Lambertville, Michigan

Meatless Breakfast Casseroles

Makeover Broccoli Cheddar Brunch BakeMakeover Broccoli Cheddar Brunch Bake

This slimmed-down version of a favorite brunch recipe is hearty, wholesome and boasts all the gourmet flavor of the original! —Carla Weeks, Independence, Iowa

Potato Egg BakePotato Egg Bake

No one will ever guess that this nutritious, mouth-watering breakfast bake is lighter at all! Potatoes give it a hearty base, cheese and veggies pile on color and wonderful flavor. —Rena Charboneau, Gansevoort, New York

Meatless Sausage Egg BakeMeatless Sausage Egg Bake

Crumbled vegetarian patties make the potato casserole a hearty option that doesn't pack on the pounds. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Green 'n' Gold Egg BakeGreen 'n' Gold Egg Bake

Just five ingredients are needed to assemble this pretty casserole. The firm squares have a delicious spinach flavor that's welcome at breakfast or dinner. —Muriel Paceleo, Montgomery, New York

French Toast Casseroles

French Toast CasseroleFrench Toast Casserole

Cinnamon and sugar top this fuss-free fare that tastes like French toast. "Since you assemble it the previous night, you save time in the morning. —Sharyn Adams, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Mixed Berry French Toast BakeMixed Berry French Toast Bake

I love this recipe! Perfect for fuss-free holiday breakfasts or company, it's scrumptious and so easy to put together the night before. —Amy Berry, Poland, Maine

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