Healthy Lifestyle Tips

The healthy lifestyle tips in this guide can help you eat well, exercise and make the best choices for your health and wellness.

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10 Healthy Foods That Help You Wake Up

It's 6 a.m. and the alarm goes off, and you feel as if you didn't get a wink of sleep....

10 Foods That Help Keep You Hydrated

About 20% of your daily water intake should come from fruits and vegetables. Put these hydrating foods on your grocery...

Could Ice Cream Be the Cause of Your Food Poisoning?

How could ice cream ever be bad? Well, it now appears on the growing list of summer food poisoning causes.

7 Whole Grains That Aren’t on Your List (Yet)

So you enjoy whole grains, but are eating the same whole wheat pasta and rye bread daily. Here are 7...

10 Healthy Foods to Buy at Aldi, According to a Dietitian

Beyond great deals, Aldi's healthy food offerings are continually expanding. It's an excellent place to find quality produce, organics and...

Are You Supposed to Wash Chicken?

Are you supposed to wash chicken? This polarizing poultry problem finally has a clear answer.

7 Healthy Cheeses to Add to Your Shopping List

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean quitting cheese—at least not completely. Just pick the healthiest cheese and eat it in...

How to Eat Healthier According to Your Zodiac Sign

Can't seem to stick to your healthy eating plan? The secret to your diet may be written in the stars!

You Never Realized the Difference Between These Two Fruits

Newsflash: Blackberries and black raspberries aren't one in the same. Here's how to spot the differences—and why you want lots...

Here’s What Happens When You Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day, Every Day

I heard drinking water would help me have more energy, stay focused and more. It's worth a shot!

13 Weight Loss Rules It’s OK to Skip

Even the experts don’t follow the golden rules of weight loss. In fact, breaking these rules can actually help tip...

12 Pantry Items That Can Soothe Your Sunburn

No aloe? No problem! Raid your pantry for these home staples to start getting relief.

Weight Watchers vs. DASH Diet: Which One’s Best for You?

Two of the most popular—and highly recommended—diets are ruling the weight-loss scene, but which one is right for you? We're...

10 Best Foods to Eat Before Your Workout

Getting ready for the gym starts with a good snack. Here's what you should eat about 45 minutes pre-workout.

6 Bad Eating Habits That Make You Feel Tired

If you're getting enough sleep at night but still feeling tired during the day, a poor diet may be to...

10 Things Health Experts Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

You don't need to spend big to eat healthy. Here are some healthy ingredients dietitians remember to buy at Trader...

10 Secret Ingredients for Quick Dinners, According to a Dietitian

If you do most of your meal planning on the drive home from work (because planning ahead is easier said...

Everything You Need to Know About Salmonella

You've heard about this common bacteria on the news, but do you know what causes it?

10 Secrets for Shopping Healthier at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a dietary minefield. Be sure to head in with these great pointers.

How to Protect Your Family from E. Coli

If news of an E. coli outbreak has you feeling anxious, you're not alone. Learn more about it and find...

7 Smart Ways to Stop Cravings at Night

You know the feeling. It's late, but your cravings just won't quit. These ways to stop cravings at night will...

If You Want To Lose Weight, Cut Out These Two Foods

A new study found that cutting way back on certain foods (and adding others) can make a huge impact on...

12 Rules to Follow to Keep Blood Sugar Steady

If you have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, following expert-approved strategies to maintain your levels is key to feeling great...

This Hidden Code on Your Food Means It’s Genetically Modified

Genetically modified foods make crops easier and cheaper to grow, but they may pose a threat to our health and...

Why Miso Is Going to Be Your Best Friend This Flu Season

Find out how miso can help fend off the flu and how to add it to your favorite foods.

The 10 Rules of Forever Weight Loss

The true struggle in the world of weight loss is keeping weight off once you’ve lost it. Follow this clear...

Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 30 Days with the 4-Step Weight-Loss Challenge

Try this 4 Step Weight-Loss Challenge for 30 days and transform your body for a lifetime.

15 Best Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Give your metabolism a tiny nudge with these foods.

When It Comes to Eating Turmeric, How Much Is Just Right?

Turmeric shows great promise for preventing and healing some serious medical conditions. That's why it's smart to include it in...