Electric Skillets: Tutorials, Guides, Care & Recipes

Here’s everything you need to know about owning an electric skillet.

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      Old Tavern Corn Fritters

      4 reviews

      Two co-workers who also subscribe to Taste of Home helped me convince the owners of The Old Tavern, Gary and Ralph Haskins, to give out the recipe. It has been a secret for nearly 200 years.—Laura Lagasse, Unionville, Ohio

      Sunday Fried Chicken

      I serve this special chicken after church on Sundays. My family always looks forward to Sunday lunches just because of...

      Fried Mushrooms Marinara

      5 reviews

      Deep-fried breaded mushrooms served on a bed of spaghetti sauce are a sure winner for any party. Get ready to...

      Potluck Fried Chicken

      10 reviews

      This Sunday dinner staple is first fried and then baked to a crispy golden brown. Well seasoned with oregano and...


      1 review

      This crispy, dainty pastry dusted with confectioners' sugar has an eggy flavor similar to cream puffs. I honor my Ukrainian...

      Tempura Chicken Wings

      5 reviews

      When I moved to Kansas City from Texas, I brought many of my mom's best-loved recipes with me, including these...

      Italian Honey Clusters

      4 reviews

      My mother made these treats flavored with cinnamon and anise for neighbors, teachers and anyone who stopped by. Make sure...

      Rabanadas (Portuguese French Toast)

      I find this dish a comforting reminder of my childhood. The creamy custard center contrasts deliciously with the cinnamon sugar...

      Glazed Doughnuts

      1 review

      The light coffee flavor in these tasty sugar-glazed doughnuts makes them a perfect start to the morning...on Christmas Day or...

      Beer-Battered Potato Wedges

      3 reviews

      Serve these wonderful wedges just about anytime. These potatoes are really good with hamburgers. They're just like the ones served...

      Burger Joint Onion Rings

      2 reviews

      These onion rings cook to a crisp, golden brown. This is one of those foods you never tire of and...

      Cheddar English Muffins

      4 reviews

      These chewy English muffins have a scrumptious mild cheese flavor that intensifies when they're split and toasted. My family really...

      Cider Doughnuts

      8 reviews

      Here on our 1,250-acre farm, we usually have a quick breakfast on the go. So I often keep a batch...

      Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese Shells

      1 review

      I created this deep-fried mac and cheese recipe for my husband. He describes this recipe as "unbelievably delicious" because of...

      Pear Fritters

      1 review

      "My husband and I enjoy these fritters with morning coffee," writes Kelly Cox, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

      Easy Egg Rolls

      8 reviews

      I've always loved egg rolls, but every recipe I saw seemed too complicated. So I decided to start with a...

      Picante Egg Rolls

      6 reviews

      Living near the Mexican border, we've developed a love of spicy cuisine. I came up with this recipe by mixing...

      Pork Egg Rolls

      5 reviews

      "I take these hearty egg rolls and their tasty sweet 'n' sour sauce to every family gathering," relates Jody Minke...

      Dandy Corn Dogs

      2 reviews

      "These homemade corn dogs are a real treat," says Lauren Heyn of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. "The coating is tender and...

      Special Long Johns

      My husband and I have been making these doughnuts regularly for years. He does the frying and I whip up...

      Orange-Glazed Crullers

      2 reviews

      "I enjoy preparing these lovely treats with my grandchildren," notes Muriel Lerdal of Humboldt, Iowa. "The make-ahead dough is great...

      Cake Doughnuts

      3 reviews

      "I got the recipe for these yummy traditional treats from a camp cook who has prepared them for years, to...

      Puffs with Honey Butter

      1 review

      A priest shared the recipe for these delicious doughnut-like puffs. Honey butter is yummy on top. —Ruth Plaushin, Swiftwater, Pennsylvania

      County Fair Funnel Cakes

      9 reviews

      What would the fair be without these delicious deep-fried pastries? To make these timeless treats, slowly swirl batter into oil,...

      Southern Fried Chicken

      3 reviews

      This recipe was a happy accident, reveals Patricia Gowen of Amherst, Virginia. "I discovered at the last minute that I...

      Wontons with Sweet-Sour Sauce

      This super-simple finger food makes an awesome appetizer and is perfect for potlucks. I serve these crispy pork rolls with...

      Idaho Spudnuts

      6 reviews

      Raising eight children on a potato farm in Idaho, Mother was very creative at using an abundant crop. We especially...