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Here’s everything you need to know about owning an electric skillet.

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Roast Beef Chimichangas

1 review

Your family is sure to enjoy this fabulous homemade version of a restaurant favorite—and it’s a terrific way to use up leftover roast beef. Writes Delia Kennedy from Deer Park, Washington, “These chimichangas are so good! They make a meal all by themselves.”

Hawaiian Egg Rolls

4 reviews

As an avid cook, I am constantly trying to come up with recipes for leftovers. This one gives a whole...

Corn Fritters with Caramelized Onion Jam

2 reviews

A friend's husband, who is a chef, came up with these light and fluffy fritters accompanied perfectly by a sweet-tart...

Beef Chimichangas for Two

Zippy salsa verde is the dipping sauce of choice for these ethnic delights. “This deep-fried Mexican dish became one of...

Egg Rolls

18 reviews

This egg roll recipe is truly a family favorite. My husband, Doug, makes them often for family meals and my...

Mozzarella Marinara

2 reviews

My husband and I enjoy mozzarella marinara at our state fair and though we'd try to make our own version...

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Eggplant Rollatini

27 reviews

Want to learn how to cook eggplant? Here's where to start. These authentic eggplant roll-ups may take some time to...

Teriyaki Egg Rolls

4 reviews

Who knew egg rolls could be so easy? In about 20 minutes, your family will be feasting on some that...

Lemon Risotto Fritters with Lemon-Cilantro Dipping Sauce

I love LEMON and anytime I make sometime I like -- then it's special to me.

Rice Croquettes

4 reviews

As a newlywed, I used to agonize over meal preparation. Now I enjoy trying new recipes, and some - like...

Apple-Raisin Egg Rolls

Tender apples are rolled inside crisp egg roll wrappers for a deliciously different dessert. As fancy as these treats look,...

Shrimp Egg Roll

1 review

These very flavorful egg rolls are a special treat and one of our favorite hot hors d'ouerves. They can be...