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A good saucepan is essential for any home cook. Here’s everything you need to know about this pan.

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    Classic Au Jus

    After roasting prime rib, don't throw out those pan juices! Those drippings are the key to making this flavorful juice to serve with tender slices of beef. —Rashanda Cobbins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Orange-Glazed Meatballs

    I love the sweet orange marmalade paired with the zip of a jalapeno in this sweet-sour glaze. —Bonnie Stallings, Martinsburg,...

    Quick and Easy Swedish Meatballs

    2 reviews

    Rich and creamy, this classic meatball sauce is a must in your recipe box. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee,...

    Ground Beef Veggie Stew

    5 reviews

    This is a wonderful, hearty stew to help use up all the late-summer veggies in your garden. I like that...

    Arrabbiata Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

    1 review

    This popular Italian dish is flavorful and spicy. We decided to re-create one of our favorite jarred sauces and serve...

    Spicy Cheeseburger Soup

    43 reviews

    This creamy and spicy cheeseburger soup brings my family to the table in a hurry. I love the warming zip...

    Cheesy Pizza Fondue

    2 reviews

    While I was growing up, I would sit for hours reading cookbooks from cover to cover. I've carried that love...

    Margie’s Chili

    6 reviews

    This is the perfect recipe for busy weeknights. I simply spice up canned tomato soup to create a flavorful...

    Mexican Cabbage Roll Soup

    2 reviews

    I love sharing our humble and hearty soup made with beef, cabbage and green chiles. A blast of cilantro gives...

    Sunday Herbed Pot Roast Soup

    2 reviews

    I love having leftovers. It means a little less cooking the next day, and I often use them to make...

    Hot Dog Sauce

    7 reviews

    I was having company one day and looking for just the right sauce for hot dogs. I called Grandma, who...

    Reuben Soup

    13 reviews

    When we're lucky (or have been good—I'm not certain which), this soup is served in the staff cafeteria at my...

    Hearty Cheeseburger Chowder

    8 reviews

    "This is a family favorite for cold blustery days," writes Rebecca McCabe from Ekalaka, Montana. "It's very filling and an...

    Tangy Beef Chili

    1 review

    Not only is this delicious chili quick to make, the blue cheese wedge adds a creamy, tangy accent. —Luann Maner,...

    Beef and Spinach Skillet

    6 reviews

    Over the years, I've tried to instill a love of cooking in our seven children. And we've enjoyed a variety...

    Makeover Reuben Melt

    2 reviews

    This twist on a classic Reuben keeps the corned beef and uses a sauce made with Swiss (and plenty of...

    Hamburger Minestrone

    16 reviews

    Any kind of convenient frozen mixed vegetables and any type of small pasta will work well in this dish.

    Hearty Taco Dip

    5 reviews

    I created this great dip by accident one day when I wanted to make a taco casserole but discovered I...

    Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup

    3 reviews

    Winter weather calls for steaming bowls of this hearty soup. Chuck roast leftovers add extra homemade flavor. —Jeannie Klugh, Lancaster,...

    Taco Stew

    12 reviews

    The ingredients are simple, but together they make this awesome stew. If you want to a little added crunch, crush...

    My Favorite Chili Dogs

    8 reviews

    The very thought of a hot dog dressed in chili makes me giddy. To get that straight-from-the-ballpark taste, I combine...

    Beef and Mushrooms with Smashed Potatoes

    22 reviews

    I was inspired to make this recipe after I couldn't stop thinking of a similar dish served in my elementary...

    Aunt Fran’s Goulash

    12 reviews

    When I was a young girl, Aunt Fran always made this when we went to brother and I would...

    Bread Bowl Chili

    3 reviews

    I like meals that are simple to prepare, yet offer maximum taste. Served in hallowed-out rolls, this hearty chili offers...

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    Heartwarming Beef & Pork Chili

    6 reviews

    Loaded with both beef and pork, this chili is extra meaty. I keep it mild so it's easy on sensitive...

    Black-Eyed Pea Casserole

    16 reviews

    This group-size dish is quick, simple and tasty. People always ask for "just a little more". I guess you could...

    Creamy Reuben Soup

    21 reviews

    I had a professor in college who loved Reuben sandwiches. When he got the flu, I came up with this...

    Southwestern Beef Barley Stew

    12 reviews

    Hearty and easy to fix, this thick stew has a comforting, chili-like flavor. It's my best barley recipe. I'm sure...

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    Crowd-Pleasing Taco Salad

    37 reviews

    While this recipe might sound involved, it can be fixed in just 30 minutes. It's a hit at the potluck...

    Easy Hamburger Soup

    10 reviews

    Lunches on the run will be a little tastier with this hot and hearty beef and barley soup. The recipe...