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The best cake recipes deserve the best cake pans. Learn about the different types of cake pans and how to use them properly.

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      Almond Custard Cake

      This white cake pairs well with all sorts of frostings and fillings, but the chocolate frosting in this recipe is one of my favorites. Pressed for time? Add 1/2 tsp. of almond extract to a white cake mix instead. —Diane Shipley, Mentor, Ohio

      Baby Shark Cake

      It doesn't take much to add a fun theme to a birthday party. This delightfully decorated baby shark cake, plus...

      Spiced Pomegranate-Pear Cake

      1 review

      This special-occasion pomegranate cake is a delicious combination of tender cake, tart fruit and rich buttercream. It is also beautiful...

      Homemade Boston Cream Pie

      1 review

      This elegant-looking Boston cream pie is so easy to prepare. Our dinner guests always seem to enjoy it. —Jane Uphoff,...

      Confetti Birthday Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

      1 review

      This is a moist confetti cake with lots of sprinkles and a whipped chocolate buttercream. It's perfect for birthday celebrations!...

      PB & Banana French Toast Bake

      This is a nice treat for breakfast or brunch. Peanut butter is tasty and full of protein. Spread jam or...

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      Best Vanilla Cake

      8 reviews

      There's a reason this vanilla cake recipe is the best. Adding creamy vanilla bean paste into the moist, rich cake...

      Ganache-Topped Pumpkin Layer Cake

      My dreamy pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling and rich homemade chocolate ganache is perfect for any autumnal gathering....

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      Apple Spice Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting

      21 reviews

      I am a healthy eater most of the time, but this apple spice cake is worth the splurge! Every year,...

      Coastal Coconut Cream Cake

      4 reviews

      This is my son's county fair cake. He was awarded a top-10 prize and auctioned his coconut cream cake off...

      Ginger Spice Cake

      I make this spice cake every year during the holidays. It has such lovely rich ginger flavor and dense texture,...

      Tuscan Sun Orange Cranberry Cake

      1 review

      This recipe came to be through much trial and error. Growing up, my family used farina flour in desserts, and...

      Shortcut Peppermint Layer Cake

      When I first made this cake it was snowing outside, the entire family was home, and we enjoyed it all...

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      The No-Fail Way to Grease a Cake Pan

      The Taste of Home Test Kitchen shows you how to prepare your cake pan. Say goodbye to cakes that stick.

      Black Walnut Layer Cake

      2 reviews

      My sister gave me the recipe for this beautiful cake years ago. The thin layer of frosting spread on the...

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      Reindeer Cake

      Whether you turn this cake into a reindeer or decorate it with your own creative vision, it’s a three-layer stunner...

      Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake

      4 reviews

      Years ago, I added some zucchini to a peanut butter bar I had created, and this time I wanted to...

      Unicorn Cake

      1 review

      This magical unicorn cake tastes as good as it looks. Baking in smaller pans creates impressive height, and a few...

      Minted Chocolate Torte

      3 reviews

      Our family has enjoyed this remarkable layered cake for years. It's a favorite for many occasions. —Barbara Humiston, Tampa, Florida

      Mama’s Spice Cake

      3 reviews

      Whenever I get a craving for a tasty old-fashioned treat, I make this cake. Great cooks in my family have...

      Pineapple Layer Cake

      2 reviews

      "My mother had a large family to care for and not a lot of spare time for fixing fancy desserts....

      Dr Pepper Cake

      6 reviews

      This is my favorite "go-to" recipe for any time I have to take food anywhere. Everyone loves it. When it...

      Cherry Chocolate Layer Cake

      1 review

      Heads will turn when you bring this unforgettable cake to the table. And the attention will only increase when you...

      Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

      48 reviews

      Impressive to look at but easy to make, this cake is a good old-fashioned "Sunday supper" dessert that melts in...

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      Almond-Lemon Pound Cake

      4 reviews

      This lemon-almond cake is the first cake I learned to make more than 30 years ago, and it’s still a...

      Pineapple Carrot Cake

      10 reviews

      This moist cake with cream cheese frosting is the best I've ever eaten. It's so simple, too, because it uses...

      Triple Layer Brownie Cake

      34 reviews

      A little of this tall, rich brownie cake goes a long way, so you'll have plenty of pieces left to...

      German Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake

      5 reviews

      "People who compliment me on this chocolaty treat are surprised to learn it's a sauerkraut cake," reports Patricia Kile of...

      Butter Pecan Cake

      6 reviews

      My husband has a sweet tooth and I enjoy making great desserts like this cake for him! We have two...

      Cherry-Almond Coffee Cake

      8 reviews

      Every Christmas morning, I bake a coffee cake that's rich and creamy like a cheesecake. My family loves cherries on...