Restaurant News: Dining & Fast Food

Dining out is as much fun as eating in. We’ve got the scoop on restaurant news from your favorite go-tos (including just when to hit the drive-thru.)

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Your Big Mac Has Gotten More Expensive—Here’s Why

A bit shocked at the price of your lunch at Mickey Dee's? A recent study shows a significant increase in...

Wendy’s Just Dropped Three New Items for Summer That Will Heat Up Our Tastebuds

All of these are going to be great additions for the warmer weather months ahead.

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Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day Will Return for Spring 2023

Free Cone Day is back at Dairy Queen, and we can't wait!

People Are Using Chipotle Catering for Meal Prep—And Honestly, It’s Genius

Try this new meal planning hack to skip expensive meal delivery services with Chiptole's catering boxes.

Top 7 Fast-Food Mozzarella Sticks and Cheese Curds, Ranked

We drove all around town sampling fast-food mozzarella sticks and cheese curds to find the very best a drive-thru has...

Dairy Queen Just Released a New Dipped Cone Plus a New Shake and March Blizzard

The Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month for March is finally here, along with a new dipped cone and a...

Chipotle Just Added Two New Quesadillas to Its Menu

The Keithadilla and Fajita Quesadilla Hack are coming to a menu near you!

We Hit Up 7 Drive-Thrus to Find the Best Fast-Food Fish Sandwich

After trying 7 options, the best fast-food fish sandwich doesn't even taste like it came from a drive-thru.

Chick-fil-A Just Added a New Sandwich to Its Lineup

This new entree item looks just like the original chicken sandwich—with one key, delicious difference!

KFC Is Changing Its Menu—Here’s What to Expect

But why did they have to get rid of the popcorn chicken?

This App Shows You Every Broken McFlurry Machine In Your Area

Here's the solution McFlurry fans have been looking for.

The Pizza Hut Big New Yorker, Reviewed by a Brooklyn Chef

How does the Pizza Hut Big New Yorker compare to New York-style pizza? Here's our hot take.

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What Is Starbucks’ Secret Menu, and How Do Baristas Really Feel About It?

Starbucks baristas are ready to be honest about your "secret menu" drink requests.

Why Starbucks Employees Hate Pay It Forward Lines

The act of generosity is kind in theory, but Starbucks baristas find the entire pay-it-forward process maddening.

Burger King Is Debuting Three Chicken Sandwiches—Here’s What We Know

After much chicken drama, Burger King is trying again with a trio of "international" chicken sandwiches. Here's what we think...

Chili’s Is Dropping Original Chicken Crispers from Its Menu

The drop of the classic item led to an uproar amongst some fans.

I Tried Starbucks’ New Pistachio Cream Cold Brew and It’s Kinda Nutty

The Pistachio Cream Cold Brew may not rival Starbucks' famed PSL, but we gave it a shot.

You Can Get the KFC Chicken Pot Pie for Only $5 Right Now

A KFC staple for over 30 years... you know it's gotta be good!

The Real Reason In-N-Out Won’t Open Restaurants on the East Coast

In-N-Out restaurants are exclusive to the West Coast–but they have just as many fans on the East Coast too. Here's...

The Most Popular Food Delivery Orders of 2022, Ranked

Burritos, tiramisu and late-night chicken quesadillas top GrubHub's list of food delivery trends for 2022

Built on Decades of Expertise, Hardee’s® Takes Biscuits to the Next Level

Southern-style biscuits have come a long way since they were first developed from hardtack, a mixture of...

Here’s a List of Stores Open on Christmas Day 2023

If Santa finished your last carton of milk, have no fear—some stores are open Christmas Day 2023.

This Dog Cake Recipe Is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday

Celebrate your furry best friend with a special treat. Learn how to make a dog cake recipe that's perfectly safe...

How to Order a ‘McFloat’ (aka a Coke Float) at McDonald’s

If a McFloat isn't on the menu, here's how to DIY this secret McDonald's treat.

How to Order a Dairy Queen Pup Cup

Here's how to get a Dairy Queen pup cup—because it's way better than sharing your Dilly Bar with your dog.

McDonald’s Released a Limited-Edition Oreo Fudge McFlurry—and We Tried It

McDonald's Oreo Fudge McFlurry is everything a cookie-loving chocolate lover could ever ask for.

McDonald’s Just Brought Back Its Holiday Pie for the 2023 Season

McDonald's Holiday Pies are here! But they won't be around for long...

15 Fast-Food Chains with a Secret Dog Menu

You can find all kinds of treats on the secret dog menu. Just consult your vet before feeding your pup...