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Dining out is as much fun as eating in. We’ve got the scoop on restaurant news from your favorite go-tos (including just when to hit the drive-thru.)

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People Are Using Chipotle Catering for Meal Prep—And Honestly, It’s Genius

Try this new meal planning hack to skip expensive meal delivery services with Chiptole's catering boxes.

Chick-fil-A Just Added a New Sandwich to Its Lineup

This new entree item looks just like the original chicken sandwich—with one key, delicious difference!

Why You Need to Add Instant Pudding to Your Dessert Recipes ASAP

High-end pastry chefs are finally admitting they use the same instant pudding mix that's been a home baking secret for...

These Are the Most Expensive Fast-Food Chains Due to Inflation

Wendy's and Chick-fil-A are among fast-food chains with the highest price hike this past year. But some favorite items have...

The Most Popular Food Delivery Orders of 2022, Ranked

Burritos, tiramisu and late-night chicken quesadillas top GrubHub's list of food delivery trends for 2022

McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Buckets Might Be Coming Back This Year

'90s kids, get ready—the McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal Buckets could be back real soon.

5 TikTok Starbucks Drinks You Have to Try

So many Starbucks drinks, so little time.

How to Get a Chewbacca Frappuccino for Star Wars Day (or Any Day, Really)

The Chewbacca Frappuccino is here—not in a galaxy far, far away. Find out how to order one at your local...

How to Make a Starbucks Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso

You'll look forward to mornings with this Starbucks brown sugar shaken espresso in hand. Skip the drive-thru and head straight...

Starbucks Just Released the Spritz Recipe That Inspired Its New Sugar Cookie Latte

This spritz recipe is definitely worth making for Christmas.

The Hidden Detail on the Starbucks Logo You Never Noticed Before

If you look closely, you’ll notice one small imperfection in the iconic Starbucks logo.

I Tried Starbucks’ New Apple Crisp Macchiato—Here’s What I Thought

Starbucks has a new autumn drink, but can it top the PSL in coffee's brawl for fall?

We Tried the Wildly Popular Pickle Pizza at QC Pizza—and Yes, It Lives Up to the Hype

Like the name says, this pickle pizza really is a Kinda Big Dill.

There’s a Scientific Reason You Love the Wendy’s Frosty and Fries Combo So ...

Dipping fries in a Wendy's Frosty is fast-food perfection.

You Can STILL Order a S’mores Frap from Starbucks This Summer—Here’s How

Our beloved chocolate and marshmallow concoction may not be making an official comeback this year, but that doesn't mean we're...

How to Order a Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino from the Starbucks Secret Menu

Why settle for either coffee or dessert when you can have both?

Starbucks’ Shamrock Tea Just Hit the Secret Menu for St. Patrick’s Day, and...

This inventive Shamrock Tea from Starbucks is like discovering a pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.

Taco Bell Has a Secret Menu, and We Just Can’t Get Enough

You'll go back to the Taco Bell secret menu again and again for the Cheesarito!

Starbucks Has a Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino on the Secret Menu Right Now

This Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino is available all year!

Light Up Your Holiday With These New Cracker Barrel Christmas Decorations

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Of course not! These new Cracker Barrel Christmas decorations will light...

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How to Order a Buddy the Elf Frappuccino from the Secret Menu at Starbucks

Someone call Santa, 'cause there's a Buddy the Elf Frappuccino coming down the chimney at Starbucks.

This Is How to Order All THREE Hocus Pocus Frappuccinos at Starbucks

These witchy Frappuccinos will put a spell on you.

The Craziest Fast Food Menu Items of 2019

We can't stop talking about the spicy Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes, but here are some wacky fast food menu items...