Recalls: The Latest Food Safety News

Be the first to know about all breaking food recalls. Keep your family healthy by staying up to date on food safety news affecting your kitchen.

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    Perdue Recalls 31,000 Pounds of Ready-to-Eat Chicken Products

    The Perdue chicken recall might affect tenders and nuggets stashed in your freezer.

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    Entenmann’s Little Bites Chocolate Chip Cookies Recalled in 36 States

    Not every bite of these cookies is kid-friendly.

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    Salmonella-Infected Dog Treats Are Recalled and 27 States Have Been Affected So Far

    Sorry, Fido, even the puppy eyes won't score you these treats.

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    This Recall Affects Thousands of Deli Salads and Sandwiches

    Don't bring these salads to the picnic.

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    Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns Recalled from Aldi, Walmart and Others

    Check your cabinets for these brands before you get the party started.

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    Walmart Recalls 23,000 Containers of Baby Formula for Metal Contamination

    If you're a parent, you might want to keep an eye on this recall.

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    17 E. Coli Cases Prompt Pillsbury and King Arthur Flour Recall 

    Make sure to check your pantry before making those cookies.

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    A Whole Lot of Ragu Pasta Sauce Is Recalled Because It May Contain Bits of Plastic

    This Ragu recall affects at least three types of pasta sauce.

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    246,000 Pounds of El Monterey Breakfast Burritos Recalled

    Your relationship with El Monterey breakfast burritos may be on the rocks.

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    Kroger Recalls Frozen Berries Because of Possible Hepatitis A Contamination

    The Kroger frozen berry recall affects three different products. Is your freezer safe?

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    Vienna Beef Hot Dogs Have Been Recalled—Here’s What You Need to Know

    Find out why more than 2,000 pounds of Vienna Beef hot dogs are being taken off the market.

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    Nearly 12 Million Pounds of Chicken Strips Have Been Recalled

    Tyson Foods chicken strips have been recalled. They're contaminated with extraneous materials (read: metal pieces).

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    Chips Ahoy Recalls Chewy Cookies Due to a ‘Solidified Ingredient’

    Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies are recalled for containing a not-so-chewy ingredient.

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    Hunt’s Tomato Paste Recalled for Mold Contamination

    Don't go making that homemade pizza sauce just yet.

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    Tyson Recalls 69,000 Pounds of Chicken Strips

    Chicken strips usually make a great weeknight dinner, but today you may want to toss those tenders.

    Butterball Recalls 78,000 Pounds of Raw Ground Turkey Products

    The ground turkey subject to the Butterball turkey recall could be in the back of your freezer, so please read...

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    Pillsbury Has Issued a Flour Recall Due to Salmonella Risk

    Pillsbury has just issued a recall for this product due to salmonella risk. Put baking on hold until you know...

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    More Than 30,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Are Being Recalled

    Is your family safe from this beef recall?

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    New Recall Affects More Than 99,000 Pounds of Chicken Products

    Another recall has been issued—this time over frozen chicken dinners.

    Tyson Recalls Frozen Chicken Nuggets Because They Might Contain Rubber

    If you have packages of Tyson White Meat Panko chicken nuggets in the freezer, you may want to check on...

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    Whole Foods Recalls Salads, Wraps and More Foods Containing Baby Spinach

    The grocery chain has issued a recall for all prepared products containing baby spinach due to salmonella concerns.