Dessert Plate Presentation

When entertaining, it's fun to focus on the presentation of food. The contrasting colors and flavor of Raspberry Sauce and Sour Cream Topping make them perfect partners for garnishing individual dessert plates.

Prepare the recipes as directed. Then use the following techniques with variety of desserts, including Traditional Cheesecake, Cappuccino Torte, Glazed Bananas in Phyllo Cups and Red Raspberry Dessert.

Spread Raspberry Sauce on a dessert plate. Pipe dots of Sour Cream Topping near the edge of the sauce.

Spread the Sour Cream Topping on a dessert plate. Pipe Raspberry Sauce around the outside edge of the topping.

Spread Raspberry Sauce on a dessert plate. Pipe several vertical lines of Sour Cream Topping over the top. Starting at the top of the plate, drag a skewer through all of the parallel lines from on side of the plate to the other. Work your way down to the bottom of the plate, changing the direction of each "pull."