All About Stuffing

You’ll want to prepare about 3/4 cup stuffing for every 1 pound of poultry. Try using sauteed vegetables, cooked meats or egg substitute in place of fresh eggs. Begin stuffing preparation ahead of time if desired. For example, chop and saute vegetables. Make bread cubes or measure out store-bought stuffing croutons. Combine seasonings. Store wet ingredients separate from dry, and store perishable items in the refrigerator. Wait until just before you are ready to stuff the bird to heat the broth or water for the stuffing and combine all the ingredients. Stuff the poultry just before you are ready to bake. Loosely spoon stuffing into the neck and body cavities to allow for expansion as the poultry roasts. Stuffed poultry requires longer roasting time—add 15 to 45 minutes to the time unstuffed poultry takes. The internal temperature of the stuffing must reach 165° in order to be fully cooked. If the bird is completely cooked and the stuffing has not reached 165°, remove from bird and transfer to a baking dish. Continue baking the stuffing until it reaches 165°. Bake stuffing in a casserole dish as the poultry bakes. See specific recipes for baking directions. Cover the whole bird and let it stand for 10-20 minutes before removing the stuffing. Remove all stuffing and store any leftovers in separate containers in the refrigerator.