Salads & Sides

Camp Taco Salad

To adapt our favorite taco salad recipe for camping, I cook the ground beef at home until no longer pink. I also combine lettuce, cheese and diced tomatoes in a resealable bag. On site, I simmer…

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Making Macaroni Salad

For moist macaroni salad, remember that noodles are very absorbent, so either serve your salad right away or only add two-thirds of the dressing. Allow the flavors to blend by chilling the salad…

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Quick Homemade Croutons

I hate to waste the heel from a loaf of bread or a few leftover hot dog or hamburger buns. So I cube them into a bowl, spray them with nonstick cooking spray and season with garlic powder, parsley…

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Spring Mix

Often labeled mesclun greens, this mixture of small, tender young salad greens and often tender herbs is available year-round in supermarkets. The mix can include such salad green varieties as oak…

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Storing Bagged Salad Mix

Those packages of ready-to-eat lettuce are so convenient. To keep the contents crisp and fresh once a package is opened, I squeeze out all the extra air, fold down the top of the bag several times…

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