Theme Picnic

WHEN Paula Marchesi of Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania prepares her Pretty Picnic Salad, you can bet she’s planning on dining out! “Going on a picnic is serene, delicious and unpredictable, whether you’re spreading a blanket on a grassy hillside or gathering around tables in a pretty park,” Paula writes. And she is always prepared for an outing! “I keep a basket stocked with essentials. Everything is as lightweight as possible, since supplies usually need to be carted from the car to the site. “In addition to the usual plates, cups and utensils, I have containers with tight-fitting lids and plastic cake carriers. To keep pies fresh, I invert aluminum pie tins over the top and secure them with rubber bands,” adds Paula. “I enjoy theme picnics and like to pack accessories that set the mood—a special serving plate, vase, pitcher, printed fabric tablecloths and napkins. “And don’t forget foil and plastic wrap to keep your dishes covered…so the bugs don’t get a free lunch!”