Sweets for Good Eating

When you need a bite to treat yourself, try these: Beyond-compare biscotti. Usually served alongside mugs of coffee or hot chocolate, most of these crunchy-twice baked cookies are wonderful low-fat snacks. Sensational scones. Generally considered a quick bread, scones offer just enough sugar to satisfy a sweet tooth without being a hindrance to a healthy diet. A lighter choice than most brownies and cookies, scones are an ideal way to end breakfast or brunch and make fine accompaniments to cups of tea. Phyllo dough desserts. Thin, crispy layers of phyllo dough make this ingredient popular and versatile. Traditionally, phyllo sheets are brushed with butter before baking, but butter-flavored spray works just as well in many recipes. Phyllo dough sheets and appetizer-size tartlets are found in the freezer section of most supermarkets.