Savvy Fat Substitutions

If you’re patient, you’ll find that there are some good alternatives to the traditional fat that’s called for in most recipes. Once you find a suitable substitute, be sure to mark your recipe card so you’ll remember what worked well the next time you prepare that particular dish. • Try replacing part of the oil and fat called for in recipes with applesauce. • Plain low-fat yogurt and reduced-fat sour cream are great stand-ins for sour cream. • Consider substituting buttermilk or 2% milk for whole milk or cream. • When sautéing meat and vegetables, use chicken or vegetable broth, apple juice, flavored vinegars, water or wine in place of oil. • In some recipes, you can just add less fat than the recipe calls for. Start by cutting the butter, margarine or oil in half, then reduce it a little more the next time you make the recipe.