Sandwiches for a Crowd

Estimate 4 oz. of meat per person. Keep in mind that some people will eat more and others will eat less. For a professional look, if you have time, line a tray or plate you don't need to have returned with green leaf lettuce, then arrange rolled, stacked meats on top.

Estimate 2 oz. of cheese per person. You'll likely save on the price per ounce if you slice the cheese yourself, but if you're short on time, you may be able to get larger slices of cheese from the deli and halve them to serve more.

Estimate about 2 slices of bread per person. For rolls and miniature bagels, check the number of servings in the package, or consider 1 per serving. A 1-lb. loaf of bread that's not sliced should yield about 16 slices.

Round out meals with fresh veggies and a store-bought dip or dessert. For ease, buy veggies that are ready to serve, such as fresh-cut broccoli or cherry tomatoes. Bakery cookies are a quick dessert, and they're ready to go in their original containers.