Organizing Recipes

I store magazines in chronological order. When new issues arrive, I copy the index and file it in a binder. When I make a recipe, I put a star by the title on the index sheet and make notes on a sticky note attached to the magazine. - Jody Batson, S&D Reader Council Member, Tampa, Florida

We use 20 percent of our recipes 80 percent of the time. Don't be afraid to trim the fat. Alphabetically arrange must-haves in a few sections. Use binders with plastic sleeves to slide each recipe page in. Glue smaller recipes onto a full-size sheet of paper. Then flag favorites. - Lissanne Oliver, member, National Organization of Professional Organizers

I have our recipe book in a database (organized by course and main ingredient). My family has to approve recipes that go into the file, so it's a family affair. - Nancy Gilmour, S&D Reader Council Member, Suwanee, Georgia