Kitchen Tips [non-food]

Baking Pans Versus Baking Dishes

Baking pans are made of metal; baking dishes are made of ovenproof glass or ceramic. We prefer to bake in metal pans with dull finishes; they produce foods with an even, golden surface. Pans with…

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Cleaning Serrated Knives

A small nail brush is great for removing stuck-on food from serrated knives and other utensils that are hard to clean. It’s easier than trying to work with a soapy pad. —Jeannette B., Baltimore,…

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Garbage Disposal Alternative

I don’t have a garbage disposal, so I came up with this trick. When I rinse the supper dishes, I always place a colander in the sink first. This catches all the food scraps so I don’t have to dig…

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Recipe Binder

I prevent my magazine issues from getting dog-eared and splattered by turning to the page I need, putting the magazine in a clear gallon-sized resealable plastic bag. Then I can read the recipes…

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Sandwiches for a Crowd

Estimate 4 oz. of meat per person. Keep in mind that some people will eat more and others will eat less. For a professional look, if you have time, line a tray or plate you don't need to have…

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