How-to Stir Fudge

Allow the fudge to cool to 110° undisturbed. Agitating the fudge at this stage may cause it to become grainy. Once the fudge reaches 110°, beat it with a clean dry wooden spoon. As you stir the fudge, the temperature will continue to drop and the mixture will start to become thick and harder to stir. As you continue to stir, the fudge will become thicker. It may also have lighter colored streaks in it, and it starts to loose its gloss. This step could take up to 10 minutes. Once the fudge starts to loose its sheen, immediately pour into the prepared pan. Determining the point when the fudge is ready to pour is important to its success. If it is poured too soon it will be soft; if stirred too much, it will be grainy or will set up right in the bowl.