How-to Start Charcoal Grills

Pyramid Style: Arrange briquettes in a pyramid in the grill, Pour lighter fuild over briquettes. Recap the fluid and place away from grill. Light briquettes.

Electric Starter<: Arrange briquettes in a pyramid in the grill. Insert electric starter in the middle of coals. Plug starter into an outlet. Of using an extension cord, use a heavy-duty one. It will take 8 to 10 minutes for ash to form on coals. At that point, unplug the electric starter and remove from briquettes. The starter will be very hot, so place it out of the way on a heatproof surface. Continue heating briquettes until they are covered with a light gray ash.

Chimney Starter

Crumple newspaper or waxed paper and place a chimney starter over the paper in the grill. Fill the chimney starter with briquettes. Light paper. When coals are ready, dump them out of the chimney starter and spread out.