How-to See Your Fortune

Have a little harmless fun on Halloween by pretending to predict the futures of your party guests with these game ideas: melted wax game. Cut wax candles into small pieces; place some pieces on a metal spoon. Hold the spoon over the flame of a candle until melted. Immediately pour the melted wax into a container of cold water. When hardened, remove the wax. The shape of the wax is said to indicate the person’s future. (You can find many online sources that tell you what different images represent. apple seed secret. Cut apples in half and give each half to a guest. Have each guest count the seeds. Two seeds means an early marriage; three seeds, a legacy; four seeds, wealth; five seeds, a long journey by sea; 6 seeds, fame; 7 seeds, a wish fulfilled. fates fortune. Encourage guests to look for a penny, ring and feather that you’ve hidden in the main party room. The guest who finds the penny is promised wealth, whoever finds the ring will soon marry and the person who finds the feather will have good health.