How-To Make Yule Log Cookies

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Cut rope into x logs. (follow edited recipe for number) Cut the ends of each log on the diagonal. Attach the dough scraps on top of the log with a little beaten egg white to make stumps. Bake as directed.

While cookies are baking, make marshmallow mushrooms. For stems, roll one miniature marshmallow between palms of hand until it is twice its length, then cut in half. For caps, cut a marshmallow in half, forming two rounds. Take one cap and one stem and stick together. The marshmallows will be naturally sticky from being cut and will hold together. Repeat making as many as you need. Dust with cocoa.

Place cookies on a wire rack over waxed paper on a counter. Brush cool cookies with melted chocolate. Allow to partially set. Draw fork tines down the length of the cookie to create bark. Using a toothpick, make swirls on ends and stumps. Sprinkle logs with ground pistachios for moss. Attach mushrooms to logs before chocolate is completely set.