How-to Make Santa's Workshop Cupcakes

For each beach ball, cut Fruit Roll-Ups into thin oval shapes with pointed ends to resemble the sections of a beach ball. Press the shapes side-by-side, alternating the colors, onto a hard candy ball.

Shape softened Tootsie Rolls into body parts and press them together to create the dog and teddy bear. Cut Fruit Roll-Ups into strips to create the dog's collar and the bow around the bear's neck.

Press a Fruit Roll-Up strip around the neck of the dog and teddy bear. Press a bow onto each and add a dragee to the dog. Pipe a small amount of white frosting to create eyes.

For the Santa and elf cupcakes, draw the facial features onto paper and place waxed paper over it. Using candy coating, pipe the facial features onto the waxed paper following the drawings beneath.

For each hat, roll out softened Starburst candies to a 1/8-inch thickness and cut out a triangle. Form the triangle into a cone and gently shape the cone into a hat around a small ball of plastic wrap.