How-to Make Gorgeous Glass Ornaments

Remove the cap of the ornament; set aside. Roll ribbon pieces, a stamped plastic circle or foam stickers around a pencil; slip inside the ornament. Add artificial snow if desired; replace cap. You can also fill ornaments with artificial greens, pieces of glitter garland or any other Christmas decorations.

Remove the cap of the ornament; set aside. Pour craft varnish inside the ornament, rotating it until the entire inside is coated. Pour the excess varnish back into the container; stand the ornament upside down in a small disposable cup until no more varnish comes out.

Pour one or more colors of fine glitter or acrylic paint inside the ornament. Cover the opening with your finger; shake (for glitter) or rotate (for paint) until the inside is completely covered. Shake out excess glitter. Stand ornament upside down until dry. Replace cap. If desired, decorate outside of ornaments with sequins or stickers.

Tear tissue paper into small pieces. With a sponge brush, apply glue to a small area on the ornament; place a piece of the tissue paper over it. Continue adding the glue and tissue paper, overlapping pieces slightly, until the entire ornament is covered. Let dry.